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Ruby Programming Language

Rassmalog 5.0.1

Rassmalog is a static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and
Rake. It transforms blog entries written in Textile or
other formatting systems into valid XHTML files that are
user friendly in both graphical and text-only web browsers.


Version 5.0.1



This release fixes several defects.

1   Thanks

Josef Jupp Schugt reported several defects.

2   Repairs

  X11 color names have been replaced by their
    corresponding hex codes in the input/styles/default.css
    file because, as Josef Jupp Schugt reports, some
    browsers may ignore them altogether or, even worse,
    misinterpret them.

  The content of <pre> <tt> and <code> tags is now
    properly protected and escaped as HTML by the
    String.to_html method in config/format.rb.

  Simplified the code that performs shell escaping.

3   Usability

  An entrys information (date, tags, and comment link)
    is now shown in index pages by default because, as
    Josef Jupp Schugt reports, that is what people have
    come to expect in a blog interface.

  Revised the instructions presented atop the search

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