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ar_mailer 1.2.0 Released

ar_mailer version 1.2.0 has been released!

* <http://seattlerb.org/ar_mailer>

Even delivering email to the local machine may take too long when you  
have to
send hundreds of messages.  ar_mailer allows you to store messages  
into the
database for later delivery by a separate process, ar_sendmail.


# 1.2.0

* Bugs fixed
   * Handle SMTPServerBusy by backing off @delay seconds then re-
   * Allow email delivery class to be set in ARMailer.
   * ar_sendmail --mailq works with --table-name now.
* Miscellaneous Updates
   * Added documentation to require 'action_mailer/ar_mailer' in
   * Moved to ZSS p4 repository
   * Supports TLS now.  Requested by Dave Thomas. smtp_tls.rb from Kyle
     Maxwell & etc.

* <http://seattlerb.org/ar_mailer>

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