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link_to query mysql for list

I have a web app that I want to make a link. I have a link_to that
will show the entire list of an inventory table, but I want another
link that will select only items of a certain name.
Here is my show all link
<%= link_to 'View Jewelry', {:controller => "inventory_item", :action
=> "list"} %>

I am unable to find a reference/example to show me how to do this. I
am new, please be gentle with me.  =)

use the rails forum for ror questions
<%= link_to 'View Jewelry', {:controller => "inventory_item", :action =>
"list"} %>


<%= link_to 'View Jewelry', {:controller => "inventory_item", :action =>
"list", :name = 'some_name'} %>

and in the controller you need to say if there is a name provided find
:all, :conditions => ['name = ?', params[:name]]

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On 6/4/07, Keynan Pratt <key@howe.textdrive.com> wrote:

> <%= link_to 'View Jewelry', {:controller => "inventory_item", :action =>
> "list", :name = 'some_name'} %>


<%= link_to 'View Jewelry', {:controller => "inventory_item", :action
=> "list", :name => 'some_name'} %>

and you can drop those brackets so:

<%= link_to 'View Jewelry', :controller => "inventory_item", :action
=> "list", :name => 'some_name' %>
Rick DeNatale

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