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Ruby Programming Language

xml/xslt -- no such file to load


I'm new to ruby.
I've installed `gem install ruby-xslt --include-dependencies`. Everything
seemed to install seamlessy. But when I'm trying to require 'xml/xslt' I
get an error:

mcv@asus gems/ruby-xslt-0.9.3/examples % ruby test_parameters.rb
test_parameters.rb:1:in `require': no such file to load -- xml/xslt
        from test_parameters.rb:1

I tried also loading 'rubygems', but effect is the same.
What I do wrong?

My distro is Archlinux, updated to current.

best regards,
 micha gawron | rlu 283570 | mcv, email/jabber at mulabs.org/chrome.pl

*mcv* testified:

Ok, I ended up installing:

gem install libxslt-ruby --include-dependencies
gem install libxml-ruby --include-dependencies

But this haven't solved problem.
I found a .so file xslt_lib.so
in /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-xslt-0.9.3/lib/xml so
I did:

require 'xml/xslt_lib.so'

hoping that Ruby will know how to deal with .so libraries
and it seems to work but

Is this a good solution?

 micha gawron | rlu 283570 | mcv, email/jabber at mulabs.org/chrome.pl

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