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Scheme Programming Language

Announce: DrSync, v0.52 for PLT

Hi folks,

Thanks to some well written documentation along with the help and
encouragement of the fine members of this mailing list I've prepared
another release of the DrSync tool for DrScheme.

DrSync is a tool that saves your files on frame deactivation and
reverts them on frame activation. This tool is of particular interest
to folks who run external programs like version control or build
related tools on files which they are editing inside of DrScheme.

Its current version is v0.52. In other words, "Don't be lazy, only
reload files on frame activation if those files have changed!". This
build contains new behavior in that files are only reloaded if they
have been changed. This is a very important change, as it makes the
tool much more user friendly while preserving the normal user
experience of DrScheme.

Now I need everyone's help in finding out if it works on anyone else's
machines AND operating systems.

All feedback appreciated.

Here is the link:


Best wishes,

Grant Rettke

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