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Scheme Programming Language

Announcement: PLT Completions mode for Emacs

This is just an announcement of a package I put together for emacs
that essentially duplicates the functionality of the plt scheme help

Basics: When editting a scheme file, hit the completion key, and it
will open or reuse a window to display all partial matches found in
the mzscheme and collects libraries, list them by category found in
(e.g. mzscheme, or web-server etc.).

If you are in the completion buffer, hitting C-enter will take you to
the documentation for that symbol, and hitting enter will insert the
symbol in the buffer you were editting and return you to it.

More information is in the file itself, and at the url below.

I am thinking of expanding and improving on this mode in the future if
there is enough interest, there is more information on the page.

Just like to thank the plt-scheme developers for doing such a nice job
with the implementation and the documentation (esp. the keyword index
files), as it made my job much easier, and the whole effort
worthwhile. :)

I have personally found it useful when developing with mzscheme, and
hope others will find it worthwhile.

The page with the latest version can be found here:


Yes, I know, very lame url.  My server is sitting under boxes at the
moment, and I do not want to start an sf project out if this unless
there is enough interest.  I remembered that I still had this page
sitting on geocities, so adjusted it.

Enjoy, and please do let me know what you think.


rohan dot nicholls at gmail dot com

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