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Scheme Programming Language

Meeting of the MSLUG

The next meeting of the Montreal Scheme/Lisp User Group will take
place Thursday, May 24th.

Talk: Snow by example, by Marc Feeley.

Snow is a general framework for developing and distributing portable
Scheme packages. Currently Snow packages can be run on a dozen of the
most popular Scheme implementations including Bigloo, Chez, Chicken,
Gambit, Gauche, Guile, Kawa, MzScheme, Scheme48, SCM, Scsh, and
STklos. The repository contains packages for networking, cryptography,
data compression, parsing, data structures, etc. In this talk I will
present the main features of the Snow framework and explain briefly
how the framework is implemented. Several examples will be given.

For more details:


Dominique Boucher

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