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Scheme Programming Language

New portable object system for scheme

Latest version can be downloaded at:  http://blake.mcbride.name

POS is a portable object system for Scheme.  It offers the following

1.  It is very portable

        Only uses R5RS standard facilities including define-syntax/syntax-rules

2.  Very small

        Consists of only 1 constant, 1 function and 1 macro

3.  Supports the following OO features

        a.  multiple inheritance
        b.  class and instance variables and methods
        c.  strong instance and class variable encapsulation
        d.  very easy instance variable access from within methods
        e.  very simple to use
        f.  no MOP

4.  Open source and freely available

;   Note: I am in the process of writing another object system for scheme
;   called Dynace for Scheme.  The new system is totally unrelated to POS,
;   takes a totally different approach, and has the following features:
;       a.  Full MOP
;       b.  Fully meta-class based and recursively defined
;       c.  Multiple inheritance
;       d.  Very portable - uses only standard R5RS
;       e.  Very fast
;       f.  Generic based
;       g.  Completely integrated into the scheme system
;           (every scheme object is a Dynace object)
;       h.  Open source

Blake McBride

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