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Scheme Programming Language

Next meeting of the MSLUG

The next meeting of the Montreal Scheme/Lisp User Group will be next
Thursday, April 19, 2007.

Title : How (and why) I implemented the MSLUG website in Erlang


In this talk, I will present how I implemented the MSLUG website in
Erlang. We will see how, in about 1K lines of Erlang code, one can
implement a high-performance, fully-dynamic website with RSS feeds,
database support, and more. The talk will cover the basic aspects of
Erlang (its syntax, the read-eval-print loop, etc.) as well as more
advanced features: Mnesia, the concurrent distributed database, the
high performance web server Yaws, and OTP.

Note that this will be a very informal meeting, with lots of code. The
goal is to show why I consider Erlang to be mostly a member of the
Lisp family, even with its Prolog-like syntax ;-)

Dominique Boucher is a senior developer and consultant at N Echo, a
company that specializes in the development of speech-enabled
applications for large call centers.

For more information: http://schemeway.dyndns.org/mslug

Dominique Boucher

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