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Scheme Programming Language

Was there a time when cons actually means list?

I'm reading some pages that explain macro :
It says:
`(lambda ,(cdr (cons 'a 'b)) ,@(cdr (cons 'a 'b)))
--> (lambda (b) b)

but when I try it on several versions of scheme and clisp, it give a
different result, or gives an error.
I mostly get:
`(lambda ,(cdr (cons 'a 'b)) ,@(cdr (cons 'a 'b)))
-->  (lambda b . b)

`(lambda ,(cdr (list 'a 'b)) ,@(cdr (list 'a 'b)))
--> (lambda (b) b)

There must be some miscommunication, or some history here.

In article <1175745676.369278.116@n59g2000hsh.googlegroups.com>,

I think it's just a mistake on the web page.  CONS and LIST have had
pretty much their current specification since time immemorial.

I suggest you notify the web page's author.

Barry Margolin, bar@alum.mit.edu
Arlington, MA
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