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Scheme Programming Language

Why this macro don't work?


Why this macro don't work?
(define-syntax myor
   (syntax-rules ()
          ((myor) #f)
          ((myor e)    e)
          ((myor e1 . es)
            (let ((r e1)) (if r r (myor . es))))))
(define (nonzero? r) (myor (negative? r) (positive? r)))
(display (nonzero? 1)) (newline)
(display (nonzero? -1))(newline)
(display (nonzero? 0)) (newline)
(display (nonzero?))   (newline)
;; procedure nonzero?: expects 1 argument, given 0


Your macro works just fine, I think. Your "nonzero?" function, on the
other hand...
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