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Scheme Programming Language

any one knows how to make a poor man's reduce?

I've just finished SICP mc-eval, and fails the first test,
normal reduction:

(define (normal-reduce f)
  ((lambda (value) (if (equal? value f) f (normal-reduce value)))
   (let r ((f f) (g '()))
     (cond ((not (pair? f))
            (if (null? g) f (if (eq? f (car g)) (cadr g) (r f (caddr
           ((and (pair? (car f)) (= 2 (length f)) (eq? 'lambda (caar
            (r (caddar f) (list (cadar f) (r (cadr f) g) g)))
           ((and (not (null? g)) (= 3 (length f)) (eq? 'lambda (car
            (cons 'lambda (r (cdr f) (list (cadr f) (delay (cadr f))
           (else (map (lambda (x) (r x g)) f))))))

car: expects argument of type <pair>; given r

 === context ===
/lfs/scheme/my_eval.sc:318:0: map
/lfs/scheme/my_eval.sc:217:0: let->combination
/lfs/scheme/my_eval.sc:4:0: my-eval
/lfs/scheme/my_eval.sc:45:0: list-of-values
/lfs/scheme/my_eval.sc:4:0: my-eval
/lfs/scheme/my_eval.sc:407:0: driver-loop

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