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Scheme Programming Language

bigloo and srfi-42


anyone tried to use srfi-42 reference implementation under Bigloo?
I've downloaded the reference files,

http://srfi.schemers.org/srfi-42/ec.scm and

written "test.scm"

(load "ec.scm")
(load "examples.scm")

and tried to run "bigloo -i test.scm". Unfortunately, I've got:

*** ERROR:define-syntax:
Illegal form -- (define-syntax #0=:do (syntax-rules () ((#0#
(cc ...) olet lbs ne1? ilet ne2? lss) (cc ... (#0# olet lbs
ne1? ilet ne2? lss))) ((#0# cc lbs ne1? lss) (#0# cc (let ())
lbs ne1? (let ()) #t lss))))
    0.... load, test.scm:char 0

I've tried two versions, 2.6f and 2.9a. The error is the same. Any
suggestions what can I do with it?

Oleg Parashchenko  olpa@ http://uucode.com/
http://uucode.com/blog/  Generative Programming, XML, TeX, Scheme
http://tohtml.com/       Online syntax highlighting

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