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Scheme Programming Language

web widget library

i'm about to roll my own very primitive, somewhat asp.net style web
controls library for a project. i want to be able to design
independent widgets/divs/layers/editors that get their data laoded
into them from scheme on the server, and have their behavior divided
across javascript adn scheme, depeding on whether i want to force a
full refresh.

this is obviously all teh "buzz" for the last year or two. although i
dont' need this ajax thing, just want to be able to describe my web
application as a set of forms with independently designed web widgets
that allow you to visualize objects and create commands to send to a
scheme server.

seems like all the parts are out there. maybe yahoo ui library + a
little scheme library for creating adn manipulating divs and their
positions and appearance(written by me) + plus a scheme json library
for transferring the model data behind the widgets from server to
client and back.

just checking with the crew here if they can give me any quick
pointers as to the most relevant libraries. from the libraries i've
seen so far, they offer things like, "hey, i'll help you write your
html". or "i'll run your scheme in a web server".

There's also dojo (http://www.dojotookit.org) which seems to have more
widgets than YUI.

Otherwise, if you'd be doing it in CL, I'd advised Parenscript
(http://www.parensript.or) (and JWACS to get javascript continuations
and a javascript parser (to go back to Parenscript)).

In anycase, you are on the right tracks IMO.  Dojo Javascript RPC thru
json with a lisp server is very nice! ;-)

__Pascal Bourguignon__

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