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(Windows) howto speedup process spawn ?


I am currently using expect on windows, only to launch
a console app while preventing a console to show up.
I just issue a

spawn scilex.exe -f file.sce

then the application opens some graphical windows. The
problem is that the application takes several seconds
to show up.

When I launch it with exec, i.e.,

exec scilex.exe -f file.sce then the application
shows up almost immediately.

How could I speed up the application launching when
using spawn ?

Thanks for help


On May 14, 5:46 pm, Stphane Mottelet

First, can I ask if you do these from the same process? When I use
exec in a process, the first time I run it, it's really slow. The
second time, it's almost immediate. I think it has to do with how
Windows handles those calls.

So, maybe try running exec first, then spawn second.

[Full disclosure: I've used exec, but not spawn.]


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