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ANNOUNCE: InstallJammer 1.2b1 Released!

[28 May 2007]

ANNOUNCE: InstallJammer Multiplatform Installer, version 1.2b1

The InstallJammer Team is pleased to announce the release
of InstallJammer 1.2 beta 1!

This is a beta release of the new 1.2 branch.  It includes
lots of bug fixes and new enhancements.  This should be a
fairly short beta cycle, so I'm hoping for only a single
beta release before final.  Please test thoroughly.

~ What is it?

InstallJammer is a free, open source, multiplatform
GUI installer and builder designed to be completely
cross-platform and function on Windows and most all
version of UNIX with eventual support for Mac OS X.

InstallJammer Features:

* A full-featured install builder.
* Installs are packaged in single binary executables for
  each platform making web distribution easy.
* Support for multiple install themes.
* Default install themes that resemble popular, commercial
* A high level of configurability.
* Built-in support for Windows and Linux conventions.
* Automatic creation of an uninstaller.
* Easily extended to new platforms.

~ What's New in 1.2

The following is a list of some of the changes in
InstallJammer 1.2.  A complete list can be found in
the Release Notes in the documentation.  The complete
ChangeLog is also included with each source release.

This is a major enhancement release.
See the Release Notes for full details.

* Added the ability to encrypt installers with a

* Added support for handling zip files from within
  an installer.  This includes support for unzipping
  files on the target system.

* Added the ability to copy-and-paste panes, actions
  and conditions in the install builder.

* Added the ability to select which languages an
  installer will support instead of just all or none.

* Fixed a bug where an uninstaller did not remember
  the settings from its installer.

* Fixed a bug where loading a project with a lot of
  files could take minutes to load.

* Many other bug fixes and enhancements.

~ Availability:

Home page:

Downloads are available at:

Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated.

The InstallJammer Team

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