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ANNOUNCE: TclRAL Version 0.8.3

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Version 0.8.3 of TclRAL.

TclRAL is a "C" based extension to Tcl that makes available a Tuple and
Relation data types as native Tcl objects and supplies a complete set of
relational algebraic operators for these types.

Version 0.8.3 is primarily a bug fix release, however several new
commands were added. Most notable is "relation compose" which rounds
out the "relation join" family of commands (i.e. join, semijoin, semiminus
and compose).

The project is hosted at Sourceforge and the TEA compliant source package
as well as precompiled binaries for both Linux and Windows compiled against
both Tcl 8.4 and Tcl8.5 are available there.


Andrew Mangogna

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