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TCL(Tool Command Language) Scripting

Ann. Fve Ver5.1 (Editor for "Mac OS X"/Cygwin/Unix/Windows)

 Fve Ver5.1 (Editor for "Mac OS X"/Cygwin/Unix/Windows)Tcl/Tk_script
  (File Viewer Editor_Version Fve 5.1)


 For Tcl/Tk 8.4: TclTkAqua 8.4: Tcl/Tk-cygwin 8.4.
 Please use ActiveTcl 8.4.14 binary packages
 or "TclTkAqua 8.4.10 binary packages".


  1 Added a "Specify a set of tab stops" item to Options_Menu.
  2 Added a "exec acroread" item to "Options_Menu -> pdf file". (Mac)
  3 Added a "hex dump -> use HexEditor" item to Options_Menu. (Mac)
  4 Added a "Insert image file." item to File_Menu.
  5 Added a "InsertTagImage" Button" to Bottom Menu line.
  6 Added a "Unpack InsertTagImage_Button"_CheckButton to View_Menu.
  7 Changed "Z" Button to "A" Button.

        o Line Spacing. (1 - 24 dot)
        o Split-window.(vertically or horizontally)
        o Viewing of cat_file,gz_file,Hex_dump_file,pdf,dvi,ps.file.
        o Viewing of image file (use package Img).
        o File copy,rename,chmod,delete,mkdir,rmdir,tar zcvf(unix).
        o Ftp client.
        o Others.

  fve51.tgz  --> For Mac OS X(Macintosh(Aqua)),Unix,Windows,Cygwin.
                (the end of line representation -> "lf")

  fve51.zip  --> For Mac OS X(Macintosh(Aqua)),Unix,Windows,Cygwin.
                (the end of line representation -> "lf")

  fve51w.zip  --> For Windows,Cygwin.
                (the end of line representation -> "crlf")

   You can get "Fve" from the following URI.

2007-5-14 kazuo sasagawa

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