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TCL(Tool Command Language) Scripting

Announce kbs system

kbs -- kitgen build system

The system can generate [Tclkit] executables and Tcl packages for
different operating systems.
Currently tested are Linux, SunOS and Windows (with msys).

Sources are available from http://www.4shared.com/dir/2775672/b6bbac69/tcl.html

* 20070524/README
* 20070524/kbs.tgz -- kbs system
* 20070524/kbs_sources.tgz -- Extension sources (result of "./kbs.tcl
sources \*")
* 20070524/kbs_windows.tgz -- Binary results
* 20070524/kbs_linux.tgz -- Binary results

Quick start:

Build Tclkit:
  ./kbs.tcl -r result tclkit-8.5
Build packages:
  ./kbs.tcl -r result packages

The work is based on the kitgen system and kbs ideas from Jean-Claude
Wippler. Many thanks.



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