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Embedding a window in a tablelist cell

I'm trying to figure out why this code packs a label at the bottom of
the window, instead of in the specified tablelist cell:

  package require tablelist
  tablelist::tablelist .t -columns {0 "First Column" 0 "Another column"}
-stretch all -background white
  pack .t
  .t insert end [list "first row" "another value"]
  .t insert end [list "another row" "bla bla"]

proc makelabel {} {
label .l -text "Test" -bg blue
pack .l


.t cellconfigure end,1 -window [makelabel]

Any ideas?

Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

   proc makelabel {tbl row col w} {
     label $w -text "Test" -bg blue
     pack  $w

   .t cellconfigure end,1 -window makelabel

See http://www.nemethi.de/tablelist/tablelist.html

  Gerhard Reithofer
  Tech-EDV Support Forum - http://www.tech-edv.co.at/vcms/

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