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Expect/Tkterm screen scraping?

Hi, we have a legacy vt100-compatible app that has ncurses-like menus.
We are looking at automating some input functions into that app (no
other API available).  However, for error handling we'll also need
some way of screen scraping it (all errors on the screen would start
with "***", so theoretically some sort of pattern matching would

In my searching to date, I've come across Tkterm, and I do have a bit
of familiarity with Expect (used it for automating telnet and ftp
things in the past).  However, doing a search for "tkterm screen
scrape" doesn't come up with anything, so I'm wondering if some has in
fact been able to do this at all.

Failing that, I'm open to any other suggestions on how to try this :)


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