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Odd debug behavior


I've used expect's debug facility some time ago with no problem.
Recently, I've switched over to a Fedora 6 environment and I'm running
into problems with it.   Here is a sample app called "tst.tcl" to

puts "foo"
debug 1
puts "bar"

When I run it, I get the following:


> tst.tcl

1: puts "bar"
dbg1.0> tjfc6:~$

Rather than stopping at the "debug 1" point, execution continues until
the app completes.  The behavior I've seen on other platforms is to
halt at the debug statement and allow interactive commands.  I am
using expect version 5.43.0.

Anyone have any ideas what's going on?



I found the problem.  Its a known issue in version 5.43.

Does anyone know if there is a patch available?


On Jun 6, 9:56 pm, gamename <namesagame-use@yahoo.com> wrote:

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