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TCL(Tool Command Language) Scripting

Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (May 16)

    Never show your working prototype to the management.
    It may become tomorrows press announcement of the
    finished project. (D.M.Gabbitas)
        http://centaur.sstl.co.uk/SSHP/sshp_akin.html @ end of page.
    I have a feeling D.M.Gabbitas may be a tcl/tk programmer ;-)

    "It is almost completely regular, which makes it necessary to forget
    a lot of stuff." - Arjen Markus, explaining Tcl to a newcomer

    ANNOUNCE: libmsgque2.3-beta1 by Andreas Otto
    The libmsgque project is an infrastructure for linking applications together
    to act like a single application. This is done using Unix or inet domain
    sockets. The framework handles all aspects of setting up and maintaining
    the link in addition to starting and stopping the different applications,
    starting and stopping the communication interface, sending and receiving
    packages, reading and writing data from or into packages, setting up and
    maintaining the event handling for asynchronous transfers, and propagating
    warnings or errors.

MEET:  a repeat from last week:
    TCL 2007 Call For Papers and Proposals.
    In September 2007 the U.S. Tcl conference returns to the historic
    French Quarter of the city of New Orleans.  Join us for what promises
    to be the best Tcl conference yet.   Even better, contribute a
    paper, be prepared to talk about a work in progress, or join in on
    the lively "Birds of a Feather" discussions that may range in topic
    anywhere from "Using the Tile widget set" to "Obsolete weaponry."

    Tcl 2007 will be held at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel
    in New Orleans, LA.   Tutorial sessions on various
    topics will be held September 24-25, with the conference itself
    running from September 26-28.
    TCL 2007 Third call for participation/Papers.

ORBI: or what happened on comp.lang.tcl
    Of dicts and arrays
    samenesses and differentnesses.

    Array defaults vs exception overhead

    INMARSAT and Tcl

    Tcl/Tk For Mars

    Data loss with USB-serial transfer

    Decimal to hex conversion failing for large numbers

TIPX: new, used and discarded Tips
    nothing new here, walk on.

OOTW: Orphan of the week or questions nobody answered yet:
    Tk/Linux: How do I tell whether a font is scalable?

    Bug in Tk menu entry index handling

    tcllib tie package issue with remotearray datasource

PMAG: Tcl in printed and other Media:
    Programming Language Popularity

    Tcl the Misunderstood

Thanks to Arjen Markus for his weekly reports on the Wikis:
  With the Wiki alive and well, your Wiki chronicler sees
  loads of activity, ranging from re-establishing links to
  pictures via categorizing the pages to completely new pages.

  - Sometimes _not_ reinventing the wheel yourself is lots of
    fun and very productive: render a mathematical formula?
    Here is a small utility - <http://wiki.tcl.tk/18071>

  - Numerical algorithms can always be improved, it seems.
    Here is a variation on the classical Runge-Kutta
    method: <http//wiki.tcl.tk/15907>

  - Above all, maths can be fun: you take a well-known
    algorithm, a canvas and a weekend and you get:

  - Physics is sometimes claimed to be little more than
    mathematics. Well, whatever, this tool with parts written
    in Tcl deals with elementary particles:

  - Can a program clone itself and start the clone instead? That would
    be nice for updating a heavily used program ...

  - A megawidget without the support of any OO framework ... Yes,
    it is possible, or at least with this example - a text widget
    with scrollbars as needed - <http://wiki.tcl.tk/18048>

  - Natural language processing is not easy, but it can be done.
    For instance in the context of a particular TV show:

  - The Wiki, in all its splendor and usefulness, can always
    be improved. The people who do that are known as "gnomes"
    <http://wiki.tcl.tk/17145> is their charter.

  - Two articles on Tcl ... Is it really misunderstood?

Everything Tcl-related you want is probably one or two clicks away in these
    The "Welcome to comp.lang.tcl" message by Andreas Kupries
    comp.lang.tcl is a crucial resource for Tcl practitioners.
    An interesting perspective on its traffic appears at

    The Tcl Developer Site is Tcl's "home base".

    Larry Virden maintains a comp.lang.tcl FAQ launcher.

    The Tcl Developer Xchange is a highly organized resource center
    of documents and software with provisions for individuals to
    maintain references to their own software:
    The TDX sponsor, ActiveState, also keeps info to convince your
    boss Tcl is a good thing

    The Tcl'ers Wiki is a huge, dynamic, collaboratively edited repository
    of documentation, examples, tutorials and pontifications on all things
    For the ideal overview of the topics about Tcl most likely to
    interest a newcomer, see "Arts and Crafts ..."
    There's also a high-quality Wikibook on Tcl:

    ActiveState maintains binaries distribution and development tools
    along with a Cookbook of Tcl recipes

    "La Gazette du Tcleux" is an important monthly publication.

    deli.cio.us presents an intriguing approach to reference commentary.
    It already aggregates quite a bit of Tcl intelligence.

    Cameron Laird tracks several Tcl/Tk references of interest (but
    needs to validate many of the links).

    Years ago, Cetus Links maintained a Tcl/Tk page with verified links

    "Yahoo! Groups" archives comp.lang.tcl.announce posts--even
    though clta itself is dormant.

We're working on more useful archives of past installments.  In the
meantime, an alternative is

Suggestions/corrections for next week's posting are always welcome.

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<cla@phaseit.net> to subscribe.  Be sure to mention "Tcl-URL!".
Phaseit, Inc. (http://phaseit.net) is pleased to participate in and
sponsor the "Tcl-URL!" project.

On Wed, 16 May 2007 15:00:29 +0000 (UTC), Uwe Klein

<tcl-@phaseit.net> wrote:
>  Humanities
>  - The Wiki, in all its splendor and usefulness, can always
>    be improved. The people who do that are known as "gnomes"
>    <http://wiki.tcl.tk/17145> is their charter.

Warning - that page started out being written by someone with rather
strange ideas, and may still contain one or two of them. Gnomes being
what they are, it will get sorted out eventually, but in the


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