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Tcl socket checksums

Hi All

I had a reason to observe the communication between two scripts,
client, server,  that use tcl sockets over a network.
I used ethereal to capture packets on the server

I was supprised to see that all the packets from the server were
marked as bad, Ethereal indicates that the TCP checksum is incorrect.

I have had a look in the bug list but can't find any mention of this.

I'm not overly concerned, at the moment, as the scripts have been
working for quite some time.

I havn't looked on any other platform to see if it exists elsewhere.

Any one else seen this?
What information would need to be captured to get a better
understanding of the problem?

Setup details:

Ubuntu Linux 6.06 - with current updates
Tcl 8.4.12 - from the Ubuntu repositories.

On May 22, 12:25 pm, derek.phi@csr.com wrote:

I have observed this behaviour with Ethereal before (on Sun Hardware),
it might indicate that the checksums on your packets are checked in
hardware and set to bogus values at the point ethereal gets to look at
You could look at the checksums of the sent and received packages and
compare them to see if they are equal. If they are not, this is
probably what's happening.
If your packets are otherwise correct, I wouldn't worry about this too
much though.


On May 22, 12:46 pm, Mark Janssen <mpc.jans@gmail.com> wrote:

See also: http://www.ethereal.com/faq.html#q11.1


On 22 May, 12:15, Mark Janssen <mpc.jans@gmail.com> wrote:


Thanks for the info, why didn't I checkout the Ethereal page before


On 22 May 2007 05:24:34 -0700, derek.phi@csr.com wrote:

Don't feel too bad, I never checked out the Ethereal FAQ until today,
my explanation of what was happening was based on guesswork and some

Mark (Who never looks in the obvious places (like FAQs))

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