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Hi, I am looking for TclDOM sample code that connects to another XML-
based app over MSXML. Any pointers?

Regards, Carlos

I don't know what you mean by "connect".  You might like to further
explain what you are trying to do.

TclDOM has two implementations: pure Tcl and one using libxml2.  As
such, it is not directly compatible with MSXML (ie. you cannot create
a DOM tree with TclDOM and pass it to MSXML, or vice-versa).  The best
you could do would be to serialise the DOM tree to an XML document and
then parse the XML back into a DOM tree.

I have done plenty of work with MSXML (and "XML Core Services" or
whatever MS call their XML/XSLT library today), so I know that it is
perfectly feasible to write a TclDOM interface to it (in precisely the
same fashion as the libxml2 interface).  However, I just haven't had
the desire nor time to do that.  A complication of this effort would
be the proliferation of XML/XSLT libraries that MS provides; which one
would you target?  There's MSXML, XML Core Services for .Net 1.0, 1.1,
etc.  Each is slightly mutually incompatible.

Steve Ball

On May 30, 6:43 am, Chuck <carlos.crose@gmail.com> wrote:

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