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Tklib's widget::scrolledwindow mystery

I'm working in Windows XP, with ActiveState 8.4.13, which includes
tklib 1.0

This code:

package require widget::all
widget::scrolledwindow .sw
pack .sw -expand true -fill both

when executed in wish displays a pair of Tile modern-looking
(i.e. WinXP) scrollbars. However, when executed from within my
application, displays old-looking scrollbars.

But the most bizarre thing is that the code of widget::scrolledwindow
(scrollw.tcl) has:

        if {[tk windowingsystem] eq "x11"} {
            install hscroll using ttk::scrollbar $win.hscroll \
                -orient horizontal -takefocus 0
            install vscroll using ttk::scrollbar $win.vscroll \
                -orient vertical -takefocus 0
        } else {
            install hscroll using scrollbar $win.hscroll \
                -orient horizontal -highlightthickness 0 -takefocus 0
            install vscroll using scrollbar $win.vscroll \
                -orient vertical -highlightthickness 0 -takefocus 0

It seems to me that this means that Tile's scrollbar are used only for
x11. Of course the output of [tk windowingsystem] on wish is "win32".

So my questions are:

1. Why Tile's scrollbars are used on wish?

2. Why my application behaves on a different way?

(I've checked that wish and my app uses the same Tcl libs, environment
variables, etc).



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