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TCL(Tool Command Language) Scripting


Hello Folks,

I wonder if any of you have been having any success in interfacing the
USB-UIRT device to Tcl (on Linux). The USB-UIRT device is an IR
receiver and sender tha t is capable of receiving input from almost
any IR remote and to (re)send these codes to the device that the
remote works with.

What I have found so far is the following:

1. On Linux, LIRC should be able to work with the USB-UIRT, but I have
not been able to make it work. I tried several versions (including the
patched one, for insiders), and I know that my particuliar device is
working since it works on Windows.

2. There is something called TickleTV, but this only works on Linux
(it execs the applications that are part of the Windows SDK).

3. It is possible to access the USB-UIRT device directly, the
misterhouse project does this in Perl. It is all about serial port
coding, but I would need to recode this in Tcl.

Anyone who has any code that I can base my work on?


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