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What is the Row and Column of a Cell in EXCEL when accessed via tcom with a parameter

I can access EXCEL from tcl via tcom without any problems. When I
access EXCEL with a specific parameter, say the word DOG, I get the
EXCEL cell that contains the word DOG in that cell. What I want to
know is what is the row number and the column number of the EXCEL cell
containing the parameter that I access EXCEL from tcom. Is there an
"active cell" or "activecell" command (or something similar) that will
give me what I am looking for?

I have found this web site reference ... http://www.dbforums.com/archive/index.php/t-856705.html
...  which does not contain exactly what I want, although it is close
to what I am trying to find out ...

Say my EXCEL spreadsheet is a 3 X 3 matrix that contains the following
data in the cells :

   |   A     |    B   |      C     |
1 |   The  |  big   |   brown   |
2 |   wild  |  dog  |    is        |
3 |   not   |  very |   friendly  |

If I access EXCEL from tcom with parameter "DOG", I get to cell [2,B]
(row 2, column 2). How do I get the row number (row id) and the letter
(column id) of the cell containing the parameter that I access EXCEL
with via tcom? Likewise, should I access this same EXCEL spreadsheet
with the parameter "NOT", I want know that the parameter was in cell
[3,A] (row 3, column 1).

TIA for your help.


I'm puzzled by your way of describing
"access EXCEL with a specific parameter". Sounds
like you're finding cells based on content and I've
never tried that. Perhaps posting a snippet of
10 lines or so of your code would help. Also,
have you checked the tcl/tk wiki? this page is
devoted to using Excel with tcom:

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