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TCL(Tool Command Language) Scripting

Why does Tcl_CreateAlias() set the interp result?

Tcl_CreateAlias() and Tcl_CreateAliasObj() set the result of the source
interpreter (in which the alias is created). They don't do that
themselves, but they call AliasCreate() which does that for them.

This may come in handy for object commands like Tcl_InterpObjCmd(), but
in the cases where Tcl_CreateAlias() and Tcl_CreateAliasObj() are not
called as part of an object command, I do not see the need for setting
an interp result (there may be an exception in case these functions fail).

And even if they are called as part of an object command, ought not the
object command manage the interpreter result itself?

Maybe I overlook a very good reason, but shouldn't the docs mention the
side effect in that case?

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