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TCL(Tool Command Language) Scripting

?? This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly ??

Hello comp.lang.tcl!

I use cygwin on WinXP to compile some programs and now wanted to build
my own interpreter.

Therefore I have written my own .c file and compiled it.
[Zeh@Mau] ~/MyTclsh > cc -o mytclsh OwnTCL.c -ltcl -lm

This works fine.

Now I want to start the program but I get the following reaction:

[Zeh@Mau] ~/MyTclsh > mytclsh
application-specific initialization failed: Can't find a usable
init.tcl in the following directories:
This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly.


None of the folders above is correct!

I have found a version of init.tcl in

How can I solve the Problem?
Any idea?

Zeh Mau

Zeh Mau wrote:
> I use cygwin...

Well, there's your problem, right there.  :)

> [Zeh@Mau] ~/MyTclsh > mytclsh
> application-specific initialization failed: Can't find a usable
> init.tcl in the following directories:
>            D:/Programme/Cygwin/share/tcl8.4
>    D:/Programme/Cygwin/home/Zeh/share/tcl8.4
>    D:/Programme/Cygwin/home/Zeh/usr/share/tcl8.4
>    D:/Programme/Cygwin/home/share/tcl8.4
>    D:/Programme/Cygwin/home/Zeh/library
>    D:/Programme/Cygwin/home/library
>    D:/Programme/Cygwin/home/../tcl8.4.1/library
>    D:/Programme/Cygwin/../tcl8.4.1/library
> This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly.

What Tcl library did you link your program against?  Where did
it come from?

Assuming it's not some mangled fork (as I fear it may be), then
it appears to be built from Tcl 8.4.1 sources which are very old
now, and lack all the bug fixes that have gone into the 14
patch releases since then.

Looking back at the unforked Tcl 8.4.1 sources...

well, the unforked Tcl sources would not be looking in those places.
Your Tcl is looking in paths named ".../share/..." and standard
Tcl 8.4.1 looked in ".../lib/...".  So your dealing with a creative
fork of Tcl in both its sources and its install pattern.  Thanks, Cygwin!

There's some guesswork involved, but it appears that your program
is loading up a Tcl DLL from your home directory area?  Perhaps


?  Assuming it's an installed Tcl DLL, it
goes looking for the init.tcl that would be installed parallel
to it in a normal install.  That's why it's including


on the list of directories to search.  Since it's not finding
anything there, that's the cause of the "not installed
correctly" error message.

Can you comment on how that Tcl DLL got where it is?  Did you just
copy it there?  Or was it really placed there by some broken
installer?  I'm suspecting it was copied, because that would
also explain why TclGetDefaultEncodingDir() is also returning
an incorrect directory (the first on your path).

Rather than try to fix the broken install, I'll
recommend you work around it using the TCL_LIBRARY
environment variable.  Set that environment variable to the
name of the directory that contains the compatible init.tcl file.
In this case, you'll want the one that matches the Tcl 8.4.1
you're using.

Or, start over with an up to date ActiveTcl distribution of Tcl from


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