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problem of the difference between "photo data" and "base64::encode"

I wrote "set theIm [image create photo -file "C:/Winter.jpg"]"  to
create a photo

and I wrote following codes to get the photo's data by two ways

            set imagedatafile [open "C:/imagedata.txt" "w+"]
            fconfigure $imagedatafile -translation binary
            puts $imagedatafile [$theIm data -format jpeg]
            close $imagedatafile

            set fileName "C:/Winter.jpg"
            set fd [open $fileName r]
            fconfigure $fd -translation binary
            set imagebase64file [open "C:/imagebase64.txt" "w+"]
            fconfigure $imagebase64file -translation
            puts $imagebase64file [::base64::encode [read $fd]]
            close $fd
            close $imagebase64file

But I found the C:/imagedata.txt is very different from the C:/

anyone knows why this happen?


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