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scotty/Tnm extension

I'm new to scotty/Tnm.

I'm trying to connect to a device that has an snmp agent
and dump all its objects & values in the MIB.

I have the MIB files from the device and I notice that Tnm
requires them to be loaded in the right order.

Then, how do I dump all the objects in the MIB?

Thanks much!

I thought I'd post the specific commands I have tried after
loading the mib files. Note that I get nothing back
from Walk.

What is the proper way to walk the subtree and display
all the objects?

set s [Tnm::snmp generator -address]

$s get sysObjectID.0


TnmSnmp::Walk $s
[] [Wed May 30 5:01:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time 2007]:


On May 30, 11:04 pm, ap <cors@ragingbull.com> wrote:

IIRC you need to specify a callback script for every var that is
returned try:

proc walk { s label } {
    $s walk vbl $label {
        foreach oid [Tnm::snmp oid $vbl] value [Tnm::snmp value $vbl] {
            puts [format "%-31s: %s" [Tnm::mib name $oid] $value]


walk $s
Hello all,
When loading the MIB files, I sometimes get Parse
errors. The MIBs are coming from the products and
should be correct.

How do others get around parse errors?

Also, the loading order has to be correct. Do you
visually figure this out?


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