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TCL(Tool Command Language) Scripting

64088 scrolling menus?
64087 Best approach for using a TCL script from multiple directories
64086 ./configure error ~~
64085 Decimal to hex conversion failing for large numbers
64084 Extending TCL in C with tcl.h - Disabliing [<tcl-cmd>] feature - How to?
64083 failed encoding conversion
64082 TWAPI - how to register a callback to a Shutdown (or similar) event?
64081 Tk/Linux: How do I tell whether a font is scalable?
64080 how to realize a kind of TCL-daemon?
64079 Bug in Tk menu entry index handling
64078 tkimg: SVN (partially) older than version 1.3?
64077 Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj - feature or bug
64076 Implementing new Data structures using STL
64075 ANNOUNCE: libmsgque2.3-beta1
64074 Error/Warning handling question
64073 Clock Seconds Questions
64072 MS Visual Basic + TCL Connectivity
64071 info complete -- not quite
64070 Job Opening: Principal Automation Engineer (Pre-IPO company) Tewksbury MA
64069 Issue with Tcllib FTP Package - changing users with ::ftp::Quote.
64068 "expect" problem
64067 validation problem
64066 bsd license
64065 variable substitution within quotes in braces
64064 How can I instruct TCL to display real-time subprocess information to the shell?
64063 tcl/expect hang
64062 missing operand at _@_
64061 Can Snack loop?
64060 yview command for a widget self-written.
64059 tcllib exif package
64058 ANNOUNCE: eTcl 1.0-rc18
64057 Wiki back up?
64056 join strips backslash - feature or bug?
60151 how to get binary data from a photo type image?
60150 Packages and Expect
60149 libraries and itclsh missing from Tcl8.4?
60148 Please help me with some perl...
60147 ANNOUNCE: Tcl/Tk 8.5a6 release
60146 Compound expression and order of evaluation
60145 Bwidget not scrolling
60144 Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (May 1)
60143 TCL 2007 Call For Papers and Proposals.
60142 Tcl version of Ala qumsieh's Tk:Toolbar
57029 Trying to do a simple time command for procs...can't get output into console...
57028 Does tclkit support Tclx package
57027 integer value too large?
57026 Starkit problem
57025 creating stand-alone extended tclsh
57024 n00b saying "hi"
57023 cannot open shared object file
57022 TCL Yahoo Finance's Whereabouts
57021 file: extract data after finding string match
57020 Command history by cursor key in Linux tclsh
57019 vwait doesn't return after setting TCL_SetVar from a thread
57018 using combobox in tktable
57017 issue with ftp::Quote STATUS .
57016 Expect script to log in to server no longer working - fork broken??
57015 Snack, play sound: script behavior in C++ program diifers from the same running under Wish.
57014 tcl_platform weirdness on Win Vista
57013 getting issues with -alpha
57012 tk_getOpenFile segmentation fault with PDFs
57011 How can eval and glob do this?
57010 starpack - untrapped error handling
57009 nested loops
53990 Redirect all SMTP traffic to a specific server
53989 What can delay [comm send -async ...]?
53988 Pixane and Tkvideo compatibility
53987 Tcl/Tk Developer Position announcement
53986 Is there a utility/library proc which print process tree
53985 X Tk on MacOS X?
53984 info globals behaves differently in 8.4.6 and 8.4.9
53983 KDE and Gnome fonts
53982 how to suppress set command output ??
53981 regexp matching and fill more than one variable
53980 c-extension question
53979 Newby question about colons
53978 tclodbc, SQL Server, date nighmare
53977 Utility for printing process tree
53976 Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Apr 25)
53975 untrapped error handling
53974 Read/Write File in place
53973 Note to the Wiki Meisters
53972 ANNOUNCE: Windows Inspection Tool Set 2.0.5 released
49914 ISO: Techniques for dynamically identifying available option database class and resource names
49913 VIM with Tcl - open declaration?
49912 Tcl Package question
49911 Cursor hot spot and anchor point question
49910 cursor problem tcl/tk8.4.14
49909 renee.rtf.xaa
49908 renee.rtf.xad
49907 renee.rtf.xab
49906 renee.rtf.xac
49905 renee.rtf.xae
49904 renee.rtf.xaf
49903 Expect and ncurses
49902 bwidget newbie
49901 TLS and regular files
49900 sqlite 3.3.16 tcl bindings problem
49899 negative indices in Tk?
49898 Can TK be iSexy?
49897 Three(3) wish/BWidget questions
49896 posting a form data /automate IE
49895 accessing tcl/tk GUIs for AIX/Linux RHEL
49894 wub problem
49893 how to send "exc+ctrl+A" throughout expect"
49892 switch with none constant pattern
49891 PLease unban me from irc I Promise not to come in drunk again
49890 math::statistics::test-normal empty?
49889 Are you trying to tell me M$ Windows has bugs in it ?!!
49888 fonts in tcl/tk dialog boxes
49887 Formatted Input - "Picture Clause"
49886 follow a textfile and on certain keywords exec a proc ?
49885 Minix3
49884 TWAPI and getting version strings from Windows DLLs and EXEs
49883 Problem while loading DLL in an embeded interpreter
49882 How to use Tcl for c code testing using VxWorks
49881 Tcllib/AES question
49880 can someone unban me from irc I'll town it down
49879 TIP 132 and tcl8.4?
49878 Find Programming Job?
49877 printing a binary file to screen as ascii-hex
49876 how to invoke Tcl_DupInternalRepProc for testing
49875 how to transfer mp3 files using sockets
49874 Advice summing list
49873 Tcl_DeleteInterp() crashes my C++ program every single time (Tcl 8.4.13)
49872 Pointer in tcl ?
49871 Password field in a wish application question
49870 getting at the extra mouse buttons
49869 Does [glob] implement (parts of) TIP 131?
49868 right click menu
49867 problem with treeview width inside a paned window
49866 Tcl_CreateObjTrace - strange command level and order
49865 Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Apr 11)
49864 equi4.com cvs down? (Looking for tclkit-lite)
49863 Looking for tile-themes
49862 struct::tree re-root tree
49861 Newbie cross-compiling....
49860 ANNOUNCE: TclTalk
49859 Spawning Perl script from Expect script
49858 Slave interpreters, aliases, and upvar
49857 Expect, Telnet and Buffer problems
49856 New site for all programmers
49855 Why Tcl/Tk does not have a 64-bit distribution?
49854 C++/TCL Need Solution to Compile Error c2784
49853 array of lists
49852 URGENT: Command argument parsing
49851 conventions for naming library functions
49850 Configuring scotty to not include tkined
49849 how to find module on the net ??
49848 Tcl/Tk 8.5
49847 Expect script times out when > 28 SSH sessions are spawned
49846 Namespace collision and tclodbc
49845 looking for tcl based Cisco like command line interface
49844 LDAP troubles
49843 write(spawn_id=]: broken pipe
49842 exec encoding
49841 tclsoap errors on solaris/linux
49840 Why, why why... everytime I move to a new pc tclapp fails to work??
49839 SDX
49838 newbie snodbc
49837 Diff to use snodbc with DB2 v9 xml columns
49836 HowTo Save/Load lists To/from a file - [info complete] ?
49835 critcl on x86_64 platform
49834 restart STDOUT
49833 gets returned a ? when I expected a '
49832 Woooooooooooooooooow The Best Music Search Engine
49831 Tcl UDP Server vs Python UDP server, not good....
49830 Ann: TclCurl 7.16.2
49829 Urgent Job Opening
49828 tclhttpd: Deleting files fails after broken upload
49827 kitgen: make large doesn't work
49826 Running an EXCEL MACRO from within TCL
49825 Printing Issue - TclPro vs ActiveState
49824 Regexp -indices like functionality for glob patterns
49823 Serious Treectrl 2.2.3 memory problem on Vista
49822 Michael Cleverly's "burrow" ...
49821 problem evaluating if { ! [file exists $DIRVAL]} inside script
49820 How to subtract precision numbers
49819 Is the wiki busted beyong repair?
49818 Recursive Proc - wish I knew what was going on?
49817 How to Expect a pattern not in the output?
49816 File command detects files instead of directories.
49815 Error Message: spawn id exp12 not open
49814 Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Apr 18)
49813 sftp over telnet using Expect
49812 Providing a Function free forum for you .
49811 Tcl plugin on FC6 not functioning.
49810 What's wrong with my while loop?
49809 exp_spawnv() never closes master pty if child fails to execute
49808 Tcl/Tk 8.5 again
49807 Expect spawn command is crashing: mostly silent failure
49806 fileevent question
49805 renee.c
49804 renee.h
49803 cross platform standalone and html
49802 Expect documentation
49801 Expect-like tool for Windows GUI?
49800 Need help with high-level tcltest wrapper for rapid test creation
49799 Expect echo command without execution within xterm launch
49798 tcl8.0, empty global arrays don't exist?

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