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C# Programming

71251 Async file read causes memory leak
71250 Please send this Information
71249 Where do I report bug to Microsoft?
71248 How to make choices for normal and modified setup
71247 c# sending a bitmap by socket
71246 Newbie Q: Declare variable IN the loop or BEFORE the loop?
71245 About threading? How to know if threads finished?
71244 Shared memory in .NET and WCF
71243 C# IDE show all properties for controls and forms
71242 String builder
71241 Redirecting keys using ActiveX RDP control in C#
71240 creating excel spreadsheets server side dynamically
71239 MCI C# tracks length
71238 WMI Wifi discovery
71237 Find Mouse Clicks (When App isn't Focused)
71236 HOT! fresh erotic foto & movies Jess Alba
71235 Creating a string that contains inverted commas inside it
71234 Newbie Q: Explain: string Name = dept.FindChairperson().Name
71233 Best Way To Close A 'Loaded' Form
71232 delete a row in a sql databse
71231 Opening File with Unknown Extension C#
71230 toolbarBtn.Picture = Pic;
71229 Dynamic compilation
71228 Windows Messaging
71227 How to View Event Queue?
71226 Quick intellisense question....
71225 EventViewer switch to specify directory to read logs from?
71224 SafeArrayTypeMismatchException
71223 C#
71222 XMLReader skip current element
71221 Inserting Breakpoint at Runtime
71220 off-topic: Sites similar to elance.com?
71219 Named parameters
71218 .NET 2.0 app crashes without normal verbose dialog??
71217 what is EnvDTE
71216 The project type is not supported by this installation
71215 Deriving from forms
71214 ListView Column Width Problem
71213 static class inheritance, generalized
71212 WebBrowser DocumentText getting problem ...
71211 Flash control for screensaver?
71210 Access method variables/functions from Event call
71209 different versions of the same dependent assembly
71208 Calling MS Word Letter Wizard?
71207 How to Piggyback a Keypress?
71206 Trigger/Event when a usb thumb drive is inserted? (vista)
71205 Control arrays
71204 How do I call a DCOM object?
71203 EOF Occurs Early
71202 How do I pass beyond cave 7 of digger .net ?
71201 C# - Do we hav any methods to handle the mouse events
71200 customise button appearences
71198 Access to Path is Denied.
71197 how to instantiate a global class visible in whole application
71196 Dundas Chart Enterprise ASP - datasource
71195 Cant get Style.Continuous to work with ToolStripProgressbar
71194 Need references for .Net app replicating SQL2005 database to the laptops
71193 Calling a VB Activex DLL method from C# (NET 1.1 - 2003)
71192 Passing arguments to ClickOnce applications
71191 Getting the name of user on remote computer
71190 ASP.net Intellisense Not Working... HELP!!!
71189 stdole.IPictureDisp
71188 Form designer looses controls
71187 Shared Assemblies
71186 deployment
71185 Winfprm Application Hangs on exit.
71184 Inserting a blank line between XML elements
71183 Derived Button Control Subclass Issue
71182 C# : transfer data from one database to other
71181 How to create a user control container?
71180 C# 3.0
71178 Novice question on interoperability
71177 NET View in C#
71176 Is it same old .NET Framework 2.0 underneath 3.0 framework?
71175 Data flow
71174 radio buttons in a dataGridView help...
71173 getting the value of a selected/unselected item in a checkboxlist
71172 writing to notepad
71171 Has VS some equivalent of Delphi Bevel and Shape components?
71170 color text
71169 C# protected constructor question
71168 Form.ShowDialog() overloads
71167 Changing the font for a label programmatically
71166 datagridview change CELL BG color on change of value
71165 WCF Proxies
71164 DispatchEntry DispatchTable - Converting C++ to C#
71163 Remove Row from a DataView
71162 Using Derived class
71161 binding source
71160 Unboxing simple types
71159 First file in a directory?
71158 domain name availability check
71157 First file within a directory
71156 Copying DataRows from one table to other
71155 is my design ok?(generic printing)
71154 How can I include prerequiste files in my installation to install
71153 Which event is raised after a DataGridView sorts itself?
71152 DCOM
71151 Share configurable application settings between projects in a vsnet solution
71150 how to change variable value which is using as param list in sub functoin
71149 return stdole.IPictureDisp
71148 Where is my thread?
71147 Is const allowed anywhere?
71146 Poor performace when selecting all items in a listbox?
69917 How to use the DataBuffer of SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT in c# ?
69916 How to reset a socket?
69915 pivot table control for VS 2005
69914 making fonts size fixed
69913 GTK# Development Libraries?
69912 set Dropdownlist SelectedIndex in a DataGrid
69911 listview
69910 memory consumed by my .net Application
69909 referencing 2 versions of same assembly
69908 Process.Start
69907 Check these dotnet links
69906 CF card GPRS Modem (pocket pc)
69905 MS SQL Connection Error from Client
69904 imageList
69903 Workflow Foundation TrackingDataItemValue collection property
69902 Retrieving data from excel
69901 Group Policies and screen resolution.
69900 Setting the resolution
69899 AppDomain Remoting from WebBrowser Control through to Hosted IE Control
69898 IE Toolbars
69897 Hedge Fund Job - Looking for SQL / .Net developers
69896 datgridview to datatable
69895 SerializationException
69894 Problems debugging solution with multiple projects
69893 how to screen scrape from a windows text box
69892 Configure Web Service CLient Timeout via Config File??
69891 how to track text entry in windows using c# /c#.net
69890 single sign on for windows applications or windows services
69889 mshtml
69888 what does StructLayoutAttribute.Pack do!??
69887 Multi threading static method and possible locking
69886 Show only needed methods from a Dictionary<TKey, TValue> class member
69885 Critical Errors with Vista Event Logs
69884 System.Web.Services.Protocols. SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlExcep tion: An attempt to attach an auto-named database for file
69883 HttpWebRequest cookies from IE
69882 Problem with data bound generator in Team Database
69881 Invoking Javascript Functions from an Instance of Internet Explorer
69880 From C to C#
69879 BackGroundWorkers
69878 Change visible state for a Button
69877 problem with Select in datatable
69876 A hint on marshalling a byte array into a void* pointer
69875 Overloading in generic interfaces
69874 How to know http method from a webbrowser?
69873 Using a transaction to insert into two typed dataset tables
69872 Extracting values from XmlNode/XmlAttribute
69871 Going through hoops to get a registry DWORD to populate a Boolean
69870 Interop with VC dlls
69869 .NET 1.1 DataGrid: Showing public properties with an Interface Type of objects in an IList
69868 How do know if a class use operator overload?
69867 Where do i find .NET class libary in Visual studio?
69866 how to test a string if it contains special characters
69865 How do I write something into the StatusStrip ?
69864 How to remove automatic generated lines in Form.Designer.cs refering non-existing objects ?
69863 What do I have to write in OracleConnection string for "Data Source" ?
69862 dataGridView1 column separator help...
69861 how to read/write settings (using .ini, xml, whatever)?
69860 write data of unbound datagridview to XML
69859 How to access a resource string within a DescriptionAttribute
69858 Double-Click row in datagrid and trigger function?
69857 Alphanumeric character validation in C#
69855 Confused about memory usage.
69854 FormView Databainding
69853 Using up and down arrow keys in datagridview
69852 AxHost
69851 Validations for controls on a panel not firing???
69850 System.Reflection.RuntimePrope rtyInfo - accessing actual datatype of property
69849 Manual Scrolling a Controls View
69848 compare two structs via ==
69847 OpenFileDialog Event Handling
69846 Calling Event Handler
69845 Attributes to expose C# enum to COM interop
69844 Attributes to expose C# enum through COM Interop
69842 pined pnael
69841 Moving the caret in a multiline RichTextBox
69840 Windows Service installation....
69839 Deleting strings from a RichTextBox string array
69838 Using reflection to show all fields/values of a struct.
69837 Hello,I'm Frank Lee
69836 carfield.!
69835 Load DLLs compiled using Mingw
69834 How to validate left argument in my operator == method
69833 Databinding takes high time
69831 Suggestion for C#
69830 Maximum size of socket buffer
69829 Compilation error - user control
69828 WPF & Sorting ListBox
69827 PageIndexChanging in a GridView
69826 custom collection editor

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