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C++ Programming

77652 asking for an opinion from the collective wisdom here
77651 seeking an opinion from the collective wisdom here
77649 boost::is_convertible with private inner class
77648 Process List
77647 ABCs (abstract base classes) and linkage problems
77646 How does multiple inheritance work internally?
77644 Part Time Job Earn $500
77643 dirctshow and MSVC++
77642 running a c++ program from actionscript
77641 Why polymorph fails when virtual function is decleared private in base class and public in derived class?
77640 ISO referrence
77638 1
77637 Aggregating ABC's and pointer correctness
77636 SFINAE for operator->
77635 design opinions requested
77634 Iterator performance on associative containers
77633 help-I'm new in c++
77632 VC++ ("include" problemand directx,platform SDK
77631 operator<< for standard output and templates
77630 Template question
77629 * Secret Conversation Between CancerMan and DeepThroat
77628 www.OutpatientSurgicare.com/vi deo/
77627 Windows Messaging
77626 class instantiation
77625 Exception Handling
77624 Reference of the return value.
77623 Determining if type T is a subclass of X
77622 An approach to a geometric problem
77621 You Will Not Watch These Videos Ever
77620 Supplying an iterator when inserting into vector??
77619 creating with new and destroying with free
77618 pairwise comparison and merging of vector elements
77617 Interface problem
77616 function pointer to extern?
77615 Windows specific question
77614 Reference assignment through base class reference
77613 allocator.destroy()
77612 design pattern for defining a relational operator
77611 c++ programmers needed in the South of France
77610 FAQ says no attachments - time to change ?
77609 Connecting to USB: c++ code
77608 CFP: 2008 International Workshop on Multi-Core Computing Systems
77607 preprocessor
77606 Advanced node structure design
77605 Walkin in Bangaloe in CV++ in Chennai
77604 Design pattern question
77603 Build openssl-0.9.8e with Cygwin problem
77602 c++ function that returns the MAC
77601 Kindly help me to find the reason:
77600 Could you explain the Pass by value-result problem?
77599 Containers & Pointers, Discussion
77598 Data Structure for a Menu Tree
77597 Deallocating Individual Elements of an Array Allocated Using new[]
77596 Stroustrup - Evolving a language in and for the real world: C++ 1991-2006 (HOPL III)
77595 strtok as string replace function problem ?
77594 How can I get rid of "Warning C4307: integral constant overflow"
77593 ANSI C++ Namespaces
77592 Functors
77591 C++ single entry bookkeeping library
77590 Need help in my array
77589 retrieving templatized object via singleton getInstance using generic template parameters
77588 ++++ Natural Young Boobs! ++++
77587 Problem with RedBlackTree
77586 JNI/c++ - passing imagefile as a byte array to native library
77585 Parse string to double really fast
77584 C++ Source Reverse Engineer - How to write a parser ?
77583 Enhance your knowledge and boost your mind
77582 Accessing virtuals in base class
77581 Am I re-inventing the wheel?
77580 typename vs class
77579 compiler synthesized constructors/copy constructors/assignment operators
77578 Thread safety
77577 determining why a file cannot be written
77576 Number of bytes when receiving packets using C++
77575 Style question, structs and objects
77574 use of undefined type????
77573 Performance profiling tools.
77572 realloc() / free() BYTE* immediately after malloc() fails
77571 Open source solution for voice chat rooms.
77570 Comments outside include guards (from a Sutter/Alexandrescu advice)
77569 Recursion - how long will be computing?
77568 can constructor be a template?
77567 doubt about smart pointers
77566 Is this a bug of the C++ compiler of VS 2005?
77565 Casting from pointer types to non-pointer types
77564 Mixing default and non-default parameters in Constructor?
77563 How can I read 2 characters from file into a std::string
77562 Invalidating iterators after insertion/removal
77561 is it ok to cast variables? simple function using std::pow
77560 Possible C++ compiler bug?
77559 Private Destructor - Use
77558 ASCII To Hex Converter
77557 Using malloc in C++?
77556 Classes vs Structs?
77555 implementation suggestions
77554 Strange error
77552 To recommend a site
77551 is_virtual_base<B, D> - possible?
77550 Using Double pointer
77549 Windows NT service
77548 typeid(arg).name()
77547 Problem with VS
77546 obfuscation
77545 what do c++/STL programmers do for time programming?
77544 Address of vector question
77543 best methods to do C,C++ code optimization ?
77542 Makeup for if-statements?
77541 index operator[] overloading
77540 screen scraping a Windows text box
77539 Why doesn't nothrow work?
77538 read every other string from a text file
77537 STL stable_sort sorting issue
77536 128 bit math?
77535 Searching for Happiness ?
77534 Read 2d Array from Text File-
77533 What's the advantage of using for_each loop?
77532 Friend-Based Interfaces
77531 SmartPointer & Inheritance & Explicit Constructors
77530 Greatest Common Divisor using Extended Euclid's Algorithm
77529 cstdlib and stdlib.h problem
77528 Problem with defining operator<< for std::ostream_iterator
77527 doubt on erasing the first element of a vector with reverse_iterator
77526 Differences in C++ between struct and class
77525 Smart Indent in Visual Studio 2003
77524 How to print in C/C++
77523 Problem using CFront 3.03
77522 Problems with protected variables despite friends
77521 explicit keyword
77520 inconsistent behavior with user-defined new and delete
77519 "static" objects and functions
77518 multi block macro
77517 preprocessor seems interfering namespace defines?
77516 Help with a compile problem
77515 Recruiting Advice
77514 fstream
77513 new returning 0
77512 SEDA in C++
77511 Macro question
77510 how can I replace a substring in a string
77509 JOB ID: NC 2501>>>Attention GC's and Citizens's : Senior Technical Consultant Needed
77508 compiler for vista
77507 Is bitset class is not a STL container?
77506 begin() for empty STL container
77505 warning's meaning
77504 Goofy Girls Gone Wild
77503 compiler treatment of const etc
77502 Open File
77501 Can there be problems when a class is multiply inherited from 1000s of classes
77500 graphics
77499 This pointer question!
77498 overriding the dynamic library
77497 shared library disaster
77496 How protect executable by resource editing?
77495 mixing C and C++
77494 Need help on rogue wave template classes..
77493 Convert (call) VB .NET dll's from C++
77492 Looking for design patterns suggestions.
77491 static class constant, declaration or definition?
77490 Using destructor
77489 initializing static members of class
77488 Suggest some starting porjects
77487 non-virtual call to a virtual function using pointer to member
77486 Boost bind confusion
77485 Dynamic formula entering(Professionals Only)
77484 Displaying stl map in .net dubugger
77483 Pointer to a Partially-Constructed Object
77482 shared_ptr and const
77481 Using one vector to construct another
77480 Looking for a C system call to copy files
77479 converting String to a type name
77478 Need reference for stringstream
77477 Templates and Subclasses C++ help
77476 Using protected methods within a derived class?
77475 Design Patterns for LRU Cache in C++
77474 confused by boost::bind & boost::lambda::bind
77473 can anybody help me in Prims and kurskal's algorithm
77472 How to empty the variable buffer in recv() before accepting a string.
77471 Allocating memory to nested Structures within a Structure
77470 Virtual Member Function
77469 Anyone know of C++ source code spell checker?
77468 null variable
77467 How to print permutations?
77466 what will happen if we print the following...
77465 Newbie question on strings
77464 What this means?
77463 printf from DLL
77462 Inheritance not letting signature to come through.
77460 Drawing AVLTree By MFC
77459 A good c/c++ algorithms / design patterns book
77458 When does static initialization occur?
77457 Fibonacci Numbers and Lucas Numbers
77456 Is this a good idea? (Error handling with overloaded operators)
77454 Problems with static libraries
77453 question about auto_ptr initialization

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