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Javascript / Client Side Development

75939 How to change font size for web pages using Javascript & Coldfusion
75938 Cuffs - code and effect comment?
75937 FAQ Topic - How do I make a suggestion?
75936 Scope (closure?) question
75935 Not Enough Storage Error during XML transformation
75934 looking for a client-side form persistence library
75933 to get the frame index and name in IE & Mozilla
75932 Firefox perfect, problems with IE
75931 Using Response XML
75930 what is the reg exp to do this?
75929 FAQ Topic - Why do some posts have <FAQENTRY> in them ?
75928 Dynamic form fields added with appendChild or innerHTML do not POST on submit in Firefox
75927 Subtotal array
75926 Looking for sliding panels demo
75925 Pop-up window title bar
75924 Bad Request follows cookies creation
75923 list an object's properties
75922 SVG to TTF
75921 "about:blank" oepns new browser window
75920 How to make this custom textarea?
75919 JS on Demand or Help to Initialize Invisible Object
75918 Massive Dom Creation
75917 Thickbox question
75916 "about:blank" opens new browser window
75915 controlling Windows Media Player
75914 How to allow CARRIAGE RETURN and BACKSPACE?
75913 FAQ Topic - What is AJAX?
75912 close window and remove a text file
75911 how to refresh the page?
75910 Help with Math.abs()
75909 youtube soundclick clapometer?
75908 error console says document.forms[0].submit not a function
75907 Convert milliseconds after midnight January 1, 1970 GMT to formatted time
75906 How to refer to a function in a frame from another frame?
75905 simple cross browser key handler
75904 The Round-Trip Time of an XMLHTTP Call?
75903 Cross browser key handler?
75902 load XML file, works in IE but no in Firefox
75901 Here you find content in Java !
75900 close window
75899 DHTML menu on a .NET page
75898 FAQ Topic - How do I get my browser to report javascript errors?
75897 help..window.open working on ie and not in ff
75896 About the gold price for World of Warcraft eu:(+10% free Gold!!!)
75895 Select an option in a form with javascirpt
75894 Learning XML with YUI
75893 Ajax in Outlook
75892 Nesting AJAX
75891 Calling of the page when body onbeforeunload event is generated
75890 Pass value from a ahref to a textbox
75635 Javascript and select box
75634 Lightbox Printing
75633 working out the order of elements in a containing div
75632 show table rows
75631 Set home page
75630 grabbing clipboard image
75629 getting the id of a given child, doesnt work in ff but does in safari
75628 Possible for Script to Deliver a Virus?
75627 Saving form values on submit in case of failure
75626 FAQ Topic - How do I POST a form to a new window?
75625 Javascript menu not working around iframe
75624 another newbie question
75623 Iterate all object of a specific name
75622 modal popup
75621 re-populate combobox
75620 adjusting the height and width of innerHTML
75619 Urgent form help required please
75618 no scrollbars in div (firefox)
75617 Uploading File Facility
75616 Hello
75615 Weather Feed and difficulties
75614 JQuery or Prototype ?
75613 Set checkbox status - works in IE but not FF
75612 CFP: WWW/Internet 2007 - Portugal
75611 regular expression question
75610 max hardcore prblem, setTimer delay, help
75609 FAQ Topic - How do I download a page to a variable?
75608 URL capture and redirect
75607 DOM javascript working fine with IE but nothing happens with Firefox
75606 How to handle Muli-record of responseXML?
75605 Returnable - Spawning javascript code with just a simple html API
75604 problem with String.replace in console verses web page
75603 word overfow
75602 Open link in a new Tab for IE7
75601 Scriptaculous Sortable Uses 100% CPU and very slow
75600 Javascript News Scroller
75599 Flash 8 ExternalInterface and JavaScript Function.apply in Firefox
75598 Accessing elements
75597 onbeforeunload + server notification
75596 javascript to wait for answer howto...
75595 Replace all the options in a select box ?
75594 Designing Fixed Position Sidebars
75593 URL Capture question resolved...need a tweak
75592 Automatic onsubmit?
75591 question about Timers @ stuff............
75590 checking if the same ID appears twice on a page
75589 window.location.href with encode?
75588 Reload all included javascript src
75587 how to stop - window.open()
75586 FAQ Topic - How do I access a property of an object using a string?
75585 Doubling backslashes in JavaScript - it's unorthodox, but it works...
75584 Browser stop button
75583 regex help needed
75582 create a web presentation with ajax
75581 return match using regex
75580 ajax multipart problem
75579 Synchronizing multiple AJAX calls in window.onload() event
75578 FAQ Topic - When should I use eval?
75577 I know which sites you visited by your bookmark icons!
75576 www.eBankGame.com Buy WoW gold RS gold WG k gold
75575 iframe change params.
75574 Vertikale Scrollbar in Popup (IE)
75573 javascript regex test fails
75572 request to a moderator
75571 javascript error on div
75570 setTimeout
75569 FAQ Topic - Why doesn't the global variable "divId" always refer to the element with id="divId"?
75568 manual focus vs. focus()
75567 Problems with .bgColor
75566 Pop-up Window - form post to parent window
75565 Does this possible without javascript ?
75564 How to add a new element after a list item?
75563 setInterval question
75562 FAQ Topic - How do I open a new window with javascript?
75561 Embed and javascript
75560 problem with explorer & firefox
75559 Can a script determine its own location?
75558 ANN: Cerny.js 1.4 - Programming by contract
75557 How to do this without javascript ?
75556 javascript function to return selected item value from drop-down
75555 Calling javascript freezes browser window
75554 JavaScript confirmation dialog
67788 About Handling the Html:Select Box State when submitted to other page
67787 Position cursor at the end in textareas
67786 scriptculous drag and drop bug
67785 Accessing Browser's Print Header/Footer
67784 The print window is not shown when the page contains an iframe in IE6 (XPsp2)
67783 The fuel sintaxes of javey roadsters... here comes the long awaited AJAX ease facilitator... SGEMILSON
67782 Check if client browser has google search extensions..
67781 Base64 strange problem
67780 Cookie check and redirect
67779 Javascript Directory to find all JScripts
67778 Difficult form problem - updating a text box for search
67777 FAQ Topic - How do I modify the current browser window?
67776 Setting styles with JS
67775 XSLT: Transforming HTML Input Element's Values
67774 how to customise 503 pages in tomcat
67773 populating webpages
67772 javascript to print embed pdf
67771 How to communicate from HTML page with an IP which is not the web-server?
67770 Setting Styles of descendants
67769 question about "same origin policy"
67768 Dynamic onclick event
67767 FAQ Topic - I have window.status="Moomin"; why doesn't the statusbar change?
67766 Need help with code to download table to excel
67765 somebody help with virtual hosting plaese
67764 Passing an argument to window.open ?
67763 onclick on IE7 in table elements
67762 Epxlorer and AJAX
67761 How can I make XMLHttpRequsts onreadystatechange a private method?
67760 Do You Believe in Confirm?
67759 Multiple select elements with same name
67758 Stuck with opend window (DOM)
67757 Adaptive forms with Javascript
67756 how do you disply output
67755 FAQ Topic - How do I prompt a "Save As" dialog for an accepted mime type?
67754 Stuffing JSON for an AJAX response
67753 Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property Window.processXML
67752 Capture window in *standalone* javascript
67751 new Foo(); as a statement? (ECMAScript spec question)
67750 can some decrypt this javascript
67749 FAQ Topic - How do I run a server side script?
67748 regular expresion remember matches
67747 getElementById driving me crazy
67746 Multiple ajax calls at once
67745 mapping a drag/drop slider over an image
67744 Custom Software Development
67743 Drop down setting
67742 Assign onclick event to a Cell
67741 Javascript Slideshow with onmouseover and 2 besides each other
67740 Identifying width of a table
67739 making part of a background image clickable
67738 Saving a file
67737 AJAX and characters
67736 Space in REGEX in IE6
67735 break out of an iframe during a form submission
67734 Change the color of an "a" child element inside a cell ?
67733 File Browser to determine the image path
67732 Window's Width
67731 java language binding developer wanted for 'libmsgque'
67730 File Upload - Change key code for ENTER key on Browse Button
67729 reading clipboard
67728 Sorting div contents using javascript
67727 how to execute returned JS scripts from a url
67726 Get from Sidebar the URL from Main-Window
67725 iFrame Print Issue (opposite of the usual request)
67724 Mechanical Engineer with VC++ Skills
67723 .Net VC++ Java C++ Windows Internals Unix Internals
67722 loading image -> detect when image is done loading
67721 Javascript doesn't work in Firefox

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