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Perl Programming Language

79149 contacting Alfred Reibenschuh, creator of (CPAN) PDF-API2 ?
79148 How to find and replace something that is nested inside something else?
79147 FAQ 8.30 How can I convert my shell script to perl?
79146 stumped by graphics display problem...
79145 fork() and script execution afterwards
79144 Prototypes and anonymous subroutines
79143 on my desk, as far as I can see
79142 reinstall perl
79141 FAQ 8.44 How do I tell the difference between errors from the shell and perl?
79140 Static classes, inheritance and base class funkery - or overriding module subroutines
79139 Perl syntax
79138 FAQ 8.22 Why do setuid perl scripts complain about kernel problems?
79137 Market Your Business On Search Engines
79136 Issues to post reply
79135 Parsing: Help on ignoring quoted tokens.
79134 FAQ 8.32 How can I write expect in Perl?
79133 Ergonomic Mobile Computing
79132 www.eBankGame.com (w w w .e BankGame . c o m )
79131 Open file in binary mode
79130 FAQ 8.50 What is socket.ph and where do I get it?
79129 Senior Perl developer position in Montreal, Canada
79128 FAQ 8.5 How do I read just one key without waiting for a return key?
79127 using a remote smarthost to send mail from a perl script
79126 Processing a Computer List
79125 FAQ 8.14 How do I modify the shadow password file on a Unix system?
79123 Computer List (Pls hlp!)
79122 FAQ 8.17 How can I measure time under a second?
79121 FAQ 8.29 Why can't my script read from STDIN after I gave it EOF (^D on Unix, ^Z on MS-DOS)?
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79119 Deleting files
79118 FAQ 8.12 How do I start a process in the background?
79117 question about socket and scalar.
79116 perl hash - data processing
79115 urgent:reading 2 files into 2 different $ variables
79114 FAQ 7.28 How can I use a variable as a variable name?
79113 FAQ 8.27 What's wrong with using backticks in a void context?
79112 FAQ 8.47 How do I keep my own module/library directory?
79111 Simple commandline tool to aid reading the posts of this or any group
79110 Using foreach?? maybe..
79109 FAQ 8.46 What's the difference between require and use?
79108 FAQ 8.2 How come exec() doesn't return?
79107 Spawning other processes but continue script
79106 Building DBD::Pg on Windows?
79105 XML::Simple install fails?
79104 Returning substring of regex match
79103 Need suggestions on a good locking module
79102 Help with Perl operators Please!
79101 How to erase Hex value 13 from string?
79100 How to get "Monthly Stats" program?
79099 Sending RTF email with Perl?
79098 using LWP::UserAgent Get method
79097 Help With Placeholders
79096 Best error handling mechanism?
79095 Can't modify constant item in scalar assignment
79094 How do I get the data out of this array?
79093 /e option in the s/// command
79092 Win32::Perms and ACL order
79091 Negative times in Spreadsheet::WriteExcel?
79090 Auth DBI on apache
79089 Re-entrant code ???
79088 Editor
79087 simple regex
79086 system call
79085 How to list all the nested modules
79084 Is it possible to correct word(s) via Perl?Does this kind of modules exist?
79083 How to verify a usnername and password?
79082 Using DateTime
79081 FAQ 8.8 How do I get the screen size?
79080 FAQ 8.6 How do I check whether input is ready on the keyboard?
79079 FAQ 8.19 Why doesn't my sockets program work under System V (Solaris)? What does the error message "Protocol not supported" mean?
79078 FAQ 8.36 How do I fork a daemon process?
79077 FAQ 9.4 How do I remove HTML from a string?
79076 FAQ 8.24 Why can't I get the output of a command with system()?
79075 FAQ 9.1 What is the correct form of response from a CGI script?
79074 FAQ 9.3 How can I get better error messages from a CGI program?
79073 FAQ 8.39 How do I set CPU limits?
79072 string matching inside file and save in a variable
79071 Obtain Filename and Lineno of the Function Caller
79070 Search and Replace with perl
79069 FAQ 7.27 How do I clear a package?
79068 improper return value from net::ping?
79067 Probs Building Perl on HP-UX 11.23
79066 MySQL through DBI to XML - module advice wanted
79065 regular expression ignore example?
79064 FAQ 8.26 Why doesn't open() return an error when a pipe open fails?
79063 System call doesn't work
79062 2 examples of packages 1 has error the other does not
79061 FAQ 8.49 How do I add a directory to my include path (@INC) at runtime?
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79059 LWP to fill in forms: "Cookies are not Enabled on your Browser"
79058 FAQ 8.15 How do I set the time and date?
79057 Sorting
79056 clone PerlMagick functionality in POGL for a GPU?
79055 Yet Another Software Challenge
79054 Querying for a registry string VALUE AutoEndTasks
79053 FAQ 7.3 Do I always/never have to quote my strings or use semicolons and commas?
79052 Posting Guidelines for comp.lang.perl.misc ($Revision: 1.7 $)
79051 find last match in a string?
79050 (Anno's) "Beyond Inside-Out"
79049 Use different modules based on variable
79048 Beyond Inside-Out
79047 PostgreSQL database access
79046 FAQ 5.24 How do I get a file's timestamp in perl?
79045 Cygwyn Question on broken link
79044 duplicates
79043 Does anyone have experience in how to handle signals in threaded program? Many thanks.
79042 FAQ 8.16 How can I sleep() or alarm() for under a second?
79041 How do I read a GZipped UTF-8 file from Perl on Windows?
79040 strange error in cgi script using sendmail
79039 login example
79038 Annocpan down
79037 Meta-Characters, Special Characters
79036 encode UTF8 -> MIME
79035 FAQ 6.19 What good is "\G" in a regular expression?
79034 bidirectional pipe & inetd
79033 parsing a csv file with a blob of text
79032 CGI mysql problem
79031 What is MAXINT, or when to use bigint?
79030 FAQ 8.41 How do I use an SQL database?
79029 I need a subdomain service like kickme.to
79028 FAQ 6.2 I'm having trouble matching over more than one line. What's wrong?
79027 Generating Gnuplot graphs from Perl - and keeping them open
79026 FAQ 8.28 How can I call backticks without shell processing?
79025 Problem when using NMAKE to build Perl on Windows
79024 FAQ 8.4 How do I print something out in color?
79023 Using CPAN to install Mail::Box module
79022 Can't locate object method "host" via package "URI::_foreign"
79021 Email::Folder->messages returns only one element
79020 Multiple Line Pattern Match problem
79019 FAQ 8.11 How do I decode encrypted password files?
79018 FAQ 5.27 How can I read in an entire file all at once?
79017 FAQ 5.26 How do I print to more than one file at once?
79016 How do I set the folder type in Windows Vista?
79015 FAQ 7.2 What are all these $@%&* punctuation signs, and how do I know when to use them?
79014 FAQ 7.14 How can I pass/return a {Function, FileHandle, Array, Hash, Method, Regex}?
79013 most active perl discussion forum
79012 FAQ 7.17 How can I access a dynamic variable while a similarly named lexical is in scope?
79011 Earn&Own-Now and for your Future!
79010 Soap/WSDL perl versus java ?
79009 SendMail.pm: smtp and gmail
79008 FAQ 7.4 How do I skip some return values?
79007 Text::Template question
79006 There's pod2text, why not pod2wiki
79005 reverse a glob expansion
79004 can perl modules be used by various versions of perl?
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79002 FAQ 5.28 How can I read in a file by paragraphs?
79001 cgi script causing perl loop????
79000 Problem in Enforcing utf8 coding for output
78999 FAQ 6.18 Why does using $&, $`, or $' slow my program down?
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78996 get mail by POP3Client?
78995 FAQ 6.6 How can I make "\w" match national character sets?
78994 FAQ 5.35 Why doesn't glob("*.*") get all the files?
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78992 FAQ 7.1 Can I get a BNF/yacc/RE for the Perl language?
78991 FAQ 6.10 How do I use a regular expression to strip C style comments from a file?
78990 FAQ 7.9 How do I create a module?
78989 search Web for a file type and download them
78988 WWW::Search produces no output
78987 FAQ 7.26 How can I comment out a large block of perl code?
78986 what's the meaning of @{[pop @a]} ?
78985 Announcing: ACM SIGAPL APL2007 -- Arrays and Objects
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78983 FAQ 5.36 Why does Perl let me delete read-only files? Why does "-i" clobber protected files? Isn't this a bug in Perl?
78982 FAQ 7.16 What's the difference between dynamic and lexical (static) scoping? Between local() and my()?
78981 The Concepts and Confusions of Prefix, Infix, Postfix and Fully Functional Notations
78980 CPAN Question
78979 Free Titties and Beer!
78978 Hashed to death... help needed.
78977 How to sort by multi values?
78976 get multipage PS files ?
78975 how to automate userinteractive prompt
78974 FAQ 6.3 How can I pull out lines between two patterns that are themselves on different lines?
78973 FAQ 7.10 How do I create a class?
78972 FAQ 7.25 How can I find out my current package?
78971 FAQ 5.30 How can I tell whether there's a character waiting on a filehandle?
78970 FAQ 6.20 Are Perl regexes DFAs or NFAs? Are they POSIX compliant?
78969 FAQ 7.21 What's the difference between calling a function as &foo and foo()?
78968 FAQ 7.13 What is variable suicide and how can I prevent it?
78967 get AdSense income?
78966 perlre: why {n}?, {n,}?, {n,m}? ?
78965 sort?
78964 FAQ 5.32 How do I dup() a filehandle in Perl?
78963 Why put a debug option in a production code perl script?
78962 need to find module tar.gz files
78961 FAQ 6.12 What does it mean that regexes are greedy? How can I get around it?
78960 DCC Chat in irssi.
78959 make money by visiting websites
78958 Question about pack function in 64bit 2 core CPU
78957 Matching a french accent character
78956 Generate Server Skeleton from WSDL
78955 Date comparison..
78954 text substitution
78953 A simple way to make a code folder available as a module
78952 FAQ 6.22 How can I match strings with multibyte characters?
78951 converting code via regex
78950 math::gmp install problem

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