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Interview Question On Asp.Net 1.1 & Asp.Net 2.0

  1. When was ASP.NET released?

    ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework which was released as a software platform in 2002.

  2. What is CLR?

    Common Language Runtime (CLR) is a run-time environment that manages the execution of .NET code and provides services like memory management, debugging, security, etc.

  3. In Visual Studio .NET, how do I create a new ASP.NET application for an existing ASP.NET project?

    First create an IIS application using the IIS MMC. Then in Visual Studio .NET, use the "New Project In Existing Folder" project template (at the end of the template list). It will first ask you for the project name (use the same one you created for the IIS application). Click OK button. Then enter in physical folder location.

  4. What is the Difference between HTML controls and Controls?

    HTML controls are run on client side, where as controls runs on server side and for execute on client side, they generate HTML controls.

  5. Can a .NET web application consume Java web service ?

    Yes.Actually Webservices are independent to language. it depends on WSDL and SOAP. so any one can develope the Webservices anddisclose the wsdl and users can cosume the webservices.wsdl and soap both are xml based.. and all languages having xml parsing capability and access to http protocol will be able to work with Webservices

  6. how to click or select a row in gridview using c# code?

    We should use the Currency CurrencyManager cmGrid = (CurrencyManager)this.BindingContext[gridview.DataSource, gridview.DataMember]; cmGrid.Position = iIndex;

  7. What is IPostBack? How to use it?

    Ispostback event is generated by the web controls to alert the server to take respected action of the event generated. When the button is clicked then click event is generated which further cause ispostback event & it alerts the server to take respected action during postback event.

  8. ColumnMapping belongs to which namespaces?

    ColumnMapping belongs to System.Data

  9. Can you give an example of when it would be appropriate to use a web service as opposed to a non-serviced .NET component

    when there is no .Net framework installed in one of the communicating applications

  10. In order to get assembly info whcih namespace we should import?


  11. Which method do you invoke on the DataAdapter control to load your generated dataset with data?

    dataadapter.fill(dataset object)

  12. Enumerate the types of Directives?
    • @ Page directive

    • @ Assembly directive

    • @ Import directive

    • @ Reference directive

    • @ Implements directive

    • @ OutputCache directive

    • @ Register directive

  13. What is a DataReader?

    A DataReader is a read-only stream of data returned from the database as the query executes. It only contains one row of data in memory at a time and is restricted to navigating forward only in the results one record at a time. The DataReader does support access to multiple result sets, but only one at a time and in the order retrieved. Just as in the original version of ADO, the data is no longer available through the DataReader once the connection to the data source is closed, which means a DataReader requires a connection to the database throughout its usage. Output parameters or return values are only available through the DataReader once the connection is closed.

  14. Why DataReader Useful?

    Data Reader is Read only version Data Set,Each record is returned as a Data Reader Object,ExecuteReader method acts directly on the database connection. There are two versions of the data reader object: OleDbDataReader and SqlDataReader

  15. Differnce B/w DataReader and DataSet

    The Dataset is an core of disconnected architecture.Disconnected architecture means once you have retriveed the data from the database the connect of the datasource is dropped.The disconnected data become very commonlyThe dataset for the disconnected data from the Dataset object.The DataReader is an readonly ,forward only stream from the database.While using the datareader can improve the application performance reduce the system overhead because only one buffer row at a time in memory.

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