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.Net 2.0 Interview Question

  1. Why are Server control tags shown in the browser instead of the controls it represents?

    This is because the server control tags were not converted into their respecting HTML element tags by ASP.Net. This happens when ASP.Net is not properly registered with IIS. .Net framework provides an Administration utility that manages the installation and uninstallation of multiple versions of ASP.NET on a single machine. You can find the file in C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v**\aspnet_regiis.exe use the command: aspnet_regiis.exe -u ---> to uninstall current version. use the command: aspnet_regiis.exe -i ---> to install current version

  2. What are the Best practices for side-by-side execution of Framework 1.1 and 2.0?

    In ASP.NET, applications are said to be running side by side when they are installed on the same computer, but use different versions of the .NET Framework.

  3. Can I have VS.NET and the Visual Studio 6.0 installed on the same machine?

    Yes! VS.Net works with the .Net framework, while VS6.0 works with MFC or the Windows API directly, for the most part. They can be installed and run on the same machine without any considerations.

  4. What is Assembly name and name space?

    An assembly is a logical unit of code. Physically it may exist as dll or an exe. which can contain one or more files and they can be any file types like image files, text files etc. along with DLLs or EXEs.When you compile your source code by default the exe/dll which is generated is actually an assemblyand every assembly file contains information about itself which is called as Assembly Manifest.Namespace is an abstract container providing context for the items it holds and allows disambiguation of items having the same name (residing in different namespaces. It can also be said as a context for identifiers. So under a namespace you can have multiple assemblies.

  5. what is capacity of dataset?

    DataSet is logical represantation of database so it can store as much as database.

  6. What is deployment? How do you deploy .Net and Java applications

    Deployment - It is the procedure to deploy Web Application on the Server. You can deploy .Net application by simply Xcopy and create virtual directory for the application on server.

  7. Where this DataSet is Stored?

    Dataset is an in-memory representation of a database. Its stored no where but in memory. Goes off when GC stats after a littl sleep.

  8. How different are interface and abstract class in .Net?

    When a class is not provided with full functionalitythen it is declared as doesn't support instance creation as well as it cannot be overridable to child class.interface is a colection of methods only without functionality.interface is 90% same as abstract class.

  9. How does 2005 support biztalkserver?

    if you install biztalk server it provides Biztalk Project in the project types like webproject, windows project, console project. We use rest of the products of the Biztalk like adapters and all those thing and use them in .net.

  10. what is marshling?

    Marshaling performs the necessary conversions in data formats between managed and unmanaged code.CLR allows managed code to interoperate with unmanaged code usining COM Marshaler(Component of CLR).

  11. Can you explain the difference between an ADO.NET Dataset and an ADO Recordset?
    • A DataSet can represent an entire relational database in memory, complete with tables, relations, and views.

    • A DataSet is designed to work without any continuing connection to the original data source.

    • Data in a DataSet is bulk-loaded, rather than being loaded on demand.

    • There's no concept of cursor types in a DataSet.

    • DataSets have no current record pointer You can use For Each loops to move through the data.

    • You can store many edits in a DataSet, and write them to the original data source in a single operation.

    • Though the DataSet is universal, other objects in ADO.NET come in different versions for different data sources.

  12. In .NET Compact Framework, can I free memory explicitly without waiting for garbage collector to free the memory?

    .NET Compact Framework come with CLR which perform automatic garbage collector to free the memory without using destector(perform garbage collector when is declear)

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