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Visual Studio 2005 Interview Questions

  1. What is Visual Studio .NET 2005?

    The release of Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 will make strides in all dimensions of application development. First, Visual Studio 2005 will set a new bar for developer productivity by tailoring the software development experience to the needs of the individual developer. This "personalized productivity" will deliver features across the development environment and .NET Framework class libraries to help developers overcome their most pressing challenges in minimal time. Second, Visual Studio 2005 will enable developers to apply existing skills across a broader range of application development scenarios through improved integration with the Microsoft Office System and SQL Server 2005. Finally, Visual Studio 2005 will deliver a new set of tools and functionality that will help satisfy the application development needs of today's large-scale enterprises.

  2. what are the Basic of Visual Studio .NEt 2005 ?
    • Edit and Continue:

      Visual Basic has always been about Rapid Application Development (RAD). One key feature is the ability to fix runtime errors on the fly. With Visual Basic .NET 1.0 and Visual Basic .NET 1.1, this powerful feature wasn't included. This feature is on-board for Whidbey. If you run into an exception at runtime, you get an exception helper that provides tips for fixing common errors, but more importantly, you can edit the code, select F5, and it continues right where you left off. Edit and Continue is VB .NET only feature

    • ClickOnce

      ClickOnce make it easy to install applications and provide ongoing updates (Self-Updating), rather than forcing to distribute new versions of application, can just deploy the portion of the application which has changed. In the .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1, href-exes were not able to solve many deployment issues. Href-exes are also known as no-touch deployment, or zero impact deployment. Essentially, with versions 1.0/1.1, you can deploy an application to a Web server, allowing users to browse to the URL for the exe.When the user clicks the link, the application downloads to their Internet files cache and runs. To keep this from being a huge security hole, the application permissions are restricted based on the URL (Intranet applications get different permissions than Internet applications, for example), or other factors. This means that some applications no longer need to be deployed in the traditional sense; no more setup.exe or MSI

    • SmartTags

      This provides access to information and common tasks without forcing you to constantly navigate away from your work area

    • Code Snippets

      With code snippets, you can insert generic "template" code that requires only that you fill in the blanks. You can access code snippets by right-clicking in the code editor and navigating in the context menu to Insert Snippets.

  3. What is Refactoring?

    Making changes to your code like, "pulling a large stretch of inline code into its own method" or "converting a field to be a property." The Refactoring support makes this easy to do The key tenet of Extreme Programming created by Kent Beck is constant Refactoring. Under this programming model, you are developing code rapidly and iteratively, but to keep your code from becoming a jumbled mess, you must constantly Refactor. Refactoring is a C# only feature

    • Extract Method

      This is to split a method into many fine grained methods which are reusable.

    • Rename

      This is used to rename an identifier i.e. field, variable, method etc

    • Encapsulate Fields

      Creating a property to encapsulate a field

    • Extract Interfaces

      Creating an interface which is implemented by current class.

    • Add Using Unbound Types

      Automatic inclusion of namespace for an unbound type.

  4. What are Visual studio 2005 Solution and Project related Features?
    • Test Projects

      This option is very useful for experimenting etc. User can just create a temporary project and start coding without saving it.

    • Simplified Build

      This option provides build option similar to Visual Basic 6.0. This is a useful option for VB programmers.

    • Stand-alone projects

      This is applicable for solution which has only one project. User will not see the solution in the Solution Explorer as well as the commands that act on solutions. However the solution files are still created.

    • Project Properties

      This is the central location for all project properties and settings. This provides improved access to resources and strong-name signing within the IDE.

    • Visual Studio Conversion Wizard

      Using this option, developers can convert their projects in Visual Studio .NET 2002 or Visual Studio .NET 2003 to Visual Studio 2005. While converting, this provides an option to create a backup of the solution or project.

    • Projects and Solutions options

      This feature contains separate pages for General and Build and Run options.

    • Custom Project and Project Item Templates

      This feature allows creation or modification of custom template for projects or project items. These custom templates appear in the New Project dialog box and Add New Item dialog box. These templates contain a project file, code files and an XML file containing metadata for the template, which is used by Visual Studio to define how to display and create the project in the development environment. These files are compressed in a .zip file so that it can easily be shared with others.

  5. What are Visual Studio Project Building Features?
    • Building

      VS 2005 introduces a new xml based transparent build system for all managed client application called MS.Net Build Engine (MSBuild). Developers can specify the as what to build and how to build under different platforms and configurations in the XML file associated with the build engine. Also they can author re-usable rules to achieve consistent builds across projects. The MSBuild build process is defined by atomic units of build operation (tasks) which can be re-authored by the developers in any .Net languages. However MSBuild cannot be used to build Web projects, deployment projects, and Visual C++ projects.

  6. What are Visual Studio Debugging Features?
    • Edit and Continue

      This feature is only supported in VB.Net. This allows the developer to edit the code while debugging the application (Like in Visual Basic).

    • Visualizers

      This is a very useful feature. It can be launched from a Watch window or from the new enhanced DataTips and enables viewing of data in an intuitive and natural format i.e. now a string can be viewed as an HTML or an XML document. Also developers can write their own visualizers.

    • Tracepoints and Improved Breakpoint UI

      Tracepoints are a new way of using breakpoints to perform a custom action i.e. displaying a messagebox or executing a Visual Studio automation macro to determine whether to break or continue when it hits a tracepoint. The user interface is also enhanced to set these breakpoints easier and faster.

    • Better Tools for Multiprocess Debugging

      Now developers can see all processes attached to for debugging in the Processes window. Breakpoint can be attached to a specified processes, threads, and machines. Attach to Process dialog box is simplified and attached processes information is moved from the dialog box to the Processes window.

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