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Scheme Programming Language

78864 Newbie question: what's this dot?
78863 Controlled Dynamism
78862 Ergonomic Mobile Computing
78861 R6RS Voter registration
78860 Bigloo3.0a
78859 HtDP Section 12.4: Rearranging Words
78858 The new "syntax-case" library in r6rs
78857 newbie - remembering state (using let) using paramterless procedure
78855 *** FBI Bastards: Where is the ANTHRAX MAILER ? ***
78854 reference implementation for SRFI 72
78853 identifier? vs. symbol?
78852 Will Clinger has resigned from the Editors Committee
78851 IFL 2007: Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages
78850 Knight's tour
78849 Dr. Scheme plt370 make install fails gl-info.ss not found
78848 Why R6RS is controversial
78847 Why do folks implement statically typed languages?
78846 Distinguishing usual numbers, infinities and NaN
78845 newby macro question
78844 Nested loops over lists
78843 Announcement: PLT Completions mode for Emacs
78842 R6 Counterproposal
78841 mzscheme is awfully slow with amb.
78840 Announce: DrSync, v0.51 for PLT
78839 call python functions from scheme
78838 Announce: DrSync, v0.52 for PLT
78837 Custom Software Development
78836 Pattern Matching for Guile
78835 Thanks to the R6RS committee!
78834 I have seen this before, please let me know.
78833 Can I use macro to create Perl-like statement modifiers?
78832 CfP: Dynamic Languages Symposium 2007 (Reminder)
78831 Meeting of the MSLUG
78830 Revision control system Scheme interface
78829 scheme monads and bind vs compose
78827 Simple LISP Grab Bag!
78826 PLT Scheme v370
78825 Macros for seriously interested people
78824 t
78823 European Lisp Workshop '07 - news
78822 call by need + call by reference
78821 Vote on R6RS, if you have the time to write a 150-word essay
78820 substitution and variables
78819 Voter registration for R6RS opens; R5.93RS to be released on May 22.
78818 Ann: Sketchy LISP, Second Edition
78817 Podcast "The Swine before Perl" not available
68633 R5.93RS draft May 22
68632 Scsh (a Unix Scheme shell) FAQ
68631 Is FastCGI dead in the Scheme world?
68630 *** Secret Technical Papers, dont tell the FBI incompetentos ***
68629 f*cking algebra!!!!!!
68628 Question about a map-definition
68627 newbie: applying map / foldl / foldr
68626 matching zero or one occurrence in syntax-rules
68625 Io Language?
64472 FringeDC Informal Meeting- May 12th, 6PM
64471 NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 8 May 2007 Lisp NYC Eating and Drinking
64470 Boehm GC on OS X?
64469 List of Empty List Example From Little Schemer Doesn't Work On Pocket Scheme
64468 Feeling a bit disturbed by the direction scheme is going
64467 newbie: lists and indexing
64466 newbie: sort ...?
64465 scsh challenge task
64464 bigloo and srfi-42
64463 Stuck ... code mess.
64462 scheme kicks ass
64461 Groebner Basis in Scheme
64460 How Lisp's Nested Notation Limits The Language's Utility
64459 CfP: Scheme and Functional Programming 2007
64458 8 kweenz
64457 How does dynamic-wind work?
64456 Delimited continuations in (Common) Lisp
64455 Possible notational improvements (was: How Lisp's Nested Notation ...)
64454 What is the role of promise and force?
64453 Is this problem solved in scheme?
64452 newbie: pls explain use of lambda
64451 Trying to remember ....
64450 newbie: char-numeric?
64449 WLPE'07 Workshop on Logic-based Methods in Programming Environments
64448 DNS implementation in Scheme?
64447 off topic: dillogimp speaks and a pattern emerges
64446 inferior scheme mode : the enter key
60308 newbie - STRING-APPEND (did I bereak it)
60307 Newbie: using 'first to mimic car in procedure.
60306 call for participation - summer meeting 8th - 12th August near Berlin, Germany, Europe
60305 CFP: ISMM'07
57334 Newbie - need a small push on recursion / higher order procedures
57333 hmmm ... a solution but not a high order procedure.
57332 ex 1.7 SICP
57331 newbie. member? ... not working (my code in error?) from Little Schemer
57330 how to return absolutely "nothing"?
57329 Newbie: problem understanding a lat and an atom (The Little Schemer)
57328 Grrrr ... quotes and how Scheme identifies characters in strings.
57327 Pirates of Silicon Valley Entire movie
57326 Scheme-based language and tools for BPEL programming
57325 pointer to systas scheme or twaddle(?)
57324 ICFP Programming Contest 2007
57323 Syntax rationale for (*-syntax) forms
57322 Book reviews for the Journal of Functional Programming
57321 The Little Schemer (recommended for all newbies)
57320 help with syntax contexts - confused
57319 Larceny Rocks Redux (or Lies, Damned Lies and Benchmarks (or Wake up and Smell the Coffee (or ...)))
50641 How should i do? my drcheme can't work! help !
50640 *** Dr G Polya BRILLIANTLY analyses the Virgina Shooting Incident ***
50639 awk like re-arranging of text blocks
50638 what's the generic rule for apply?
50637 Problems with SSAX/SXML
50636 Help with Exercise 14.4.2 & 14.4.3 in How to Design Programs, I got the right answer, but is it the best way?
50635 reshaping arrays, etc
50634 European Lisp Workshop '07
50633 Scheme s-expressions mapping to XML
50632 NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 10 April 2007 Lisp NYC Eating and Drinking
50631 define-datatype and scope
50630 Withdrawn SRFI 92: ALAMBDA and ALAMBDA*
50629 New site for all IT students
50628 SISCweb v0.5 - Stateful Scheme framework for J2EE
50627 Dyla 2007: 3rd Workshop on Dynamic Languages and Applications
50626 Best intro language?
50625 Scheme & Data Structures
50624 r5rs_pitfall and the yinyang puzzle have me puzzled
50623 expression to string how?
50622 Scheme 9 from Empty Space: almost there.
50621 Scsh (a Unix Scheme shell) FAQ
50620 Filter longest lists in list help
50619 Next meeting of the MSLUG
50618 How does load work?
50617 how do solve for more then one amb?
50616 dynamic amb?
50615 how to generate n copies of code using macro?
50614 Disaster! macro expansion not working! Do I have to macro expand my whole problem?
50613 dr scheme; somewhat legal question
50612 yaws webserver wow
50611 how much does lisp support concurrent software construction? a la erlang?
50610 explicit renaming in terms of syntax-case
50609 Is Common Larceny still the only .NET Scheme Implementation?
50608 any one knows how to make a poor man's reduce?
50607 Tabs in Chicken
50606 New portable object system for scheme
50605 Proposed Ratification Procedure for R6RS
50604 The data is the same as the code...
50603 Why this macro don't work?
50602 What's the difference between define-syntax and this tutorial? (if any)
50601 Is it possible to define-syntax "define-struct" ?
50600 test for mzscheme and mit-scheme
50599 "A British mother paraded on state TV. Forced to wear the hijab,"
50598 Compiling procedure/closure application natively
50597 how do I rewrite this simple macro so that r5rs compiler will compile.
50596 r4rs interpreter or compiler should be able to compile or interpret r5rs reference code right?
50595 Why does delay need to be special?
50594 Newbie - what does the apostrophe character do in Scheme?
50593 web widget library
50592 Accessing argv
50591 OS Continuations and the Incredible Disappearing Grad Student
50590 Update: Scheme 9 from Empty Space
50589 for concordia: interesting finances - es - (1/1)
50588 why nested interpreter runs so slow?
50587 what is the point of metacircular interpreter?
50586 call by reference
50585 R7RS Scheme
50584 how do I support "delay" in my interpreter without breaking my back?
50583 delay with memorization confusion.
50582 syntax rewrite then print out?
50581 *** TV report: all 15 British sailors confess to illegally entering Iranian Waters ***
50580 Question: Mathematics and Computer Science
50579 looking for a scheme book on cheme! the ebook!
50578 Financial Ratio Scheme Code
50577 how do they do variable length arguments in the old days?
50576 why set-car! and set-cdr! can be propagated like regular functions while set! can't?
50575 scsh in a production environment
50574 ICTCS'07 Final Call for Papers
50573 *** It is IMPOSSIBLE to create a RABBIT FARM using the hat a MAGICIAN pulls a rabbit out of ***
50572 Is there anything that lists can't do but pairs can?
50571 Was there a time when cons actually means list?
50570 Was there a particular reason for "begin"?
50569 Exercise 21.4.1 from "How to Design Programs"
50568 Newbie - I'm soooo stuck - trying to remove an item from a list
50567 Why can't "define" double as "set!"?
50566 how to support simple macro in interpreter?
50565 Can you change the values in a defined list?
50564 Closing (current-input-port) at the top level
50563 If blocks
50562 Quick Chez Question
43718 Using (second a-list) or (third a-list) help
43717 Lazy streams in scheme?
43716 Anyone played around with newLisp?
43715 anyone has first edition of sicp archived?
43714 (define (f a (b lazy) c (d lazy-memo))
42751 Capturing the load-time value of a procedure being wrapped
42750 attn: rochella - emotional pix - dim pet - (1/1)
42749 how to translate non-sense into meaningful linear function?
42748 source code obfuscator for the Scheme programming language
42747 Toy scheme compiler written in c or c++
41083 Counting Values in a List
41082 little schemer - multirember&co - reprise for dec 2006
41081 how to run library safely?
41080 how to derive closed form fibonacci using scheme?
41079 how do I delimit an object (a compound list of things)?
41078 Haskell Presentation in Washington DC Tomorrow

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